Corsair American Whiskey

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Corsair American Whiskey
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75cl / 46%
An unaged small batch rye whiskey from Corsair, designed for cocktails, distilled using the distillery's antique wash still and handmade pot still, and packed full of peppery spice.
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75cl / 46%
Kentucky and Tennessee based Corsair's artisanal whiskies have been causing something of a stir. Made from 80% Rye, with the balance being a mix of chocolate malt, malted rye and red wheat, this is a rather chocolatey whiskey.
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(£37.88 ex. VAT)
75cl / 40%
American Single Malt Whiskey
A small batch single malt whiskey from Nashville's Corsair distillery, using malted barley smoked using cherry wood, peat and beechwood to create richly flavoured and complex spirit.
Malt Advocate 19th Annual Awards: Artisan Whiskey of the Year
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(£41.96 ex. VAT)
75cl / 43%
Corsair Rasputin Malt comes from the artisan distillers based in Kentucky and Tennessee. This hopped whiskey is made by distilling Imperial stout and passing it through hops to add spicy and floral notes to the chocolate flavour of the stout. A complex hopped whiskey.
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(£46.21 ex. VAT)
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