Krug Champagne

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Krug Champagne
Press Release Bumff: Krug Grande Cuvée “Multi-vintage”. A stunning mosaic of flavours in which a blend of up to 50 different wines from 6-10 different years combine to give Krug Grande Cuvée its complexity, elegance and consistency, year after year. Grapes Three grape varieties contribute to the complexity of the blend: Pinot Noir for ... Read More »
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75cl / 12%
Blended to the sumptuous house style from aged vintage champagnes, Krug Grande Cuvée is a fantastically rich, opulent champagne - the connoisseur's choice.
Web Exclusive Price
(£98.33 ex. VAT)
75cl / 12%
Made in the final year of the millenium, Krug 2000 is rich and complex. Hailed as one the most intense vintages Krug have made, this particular champagne is said to have very high ageing potential.
Web Exclusive Price
(£145.83 ex. VAT)
75cl / 12.5%
Probably the finest rose fizz in the world. Meticulouly crafted from vintage champagnes. For the romantic connoisseur.
(£169.17 ex. VAT)
75cl / 12%
An old bottle of Krug Grande Cuvée Champagne which appears to have been bottled around the 1980s. Krug helps to dispel the myth that Champagne is made to be drunk upon release and bottles with ten years or even more bottle ageing are truly magical.
(£187.50 ex. VAT)
150cl / 12%
A magnum of Krug's multi-vintage entry point into their range of fine champagne. A rich blend stacked with mature reserve wines to produce a citrus and nut feast.
(£270.83 ex. VAT)
150cl / 12%
A magnum of highly rated and refined vintage from Krug, the 1998 combines the typical toasty notes with a freshness and a gripping acidity for an excellent champagne.
(£437.50 ex. VAT)
150cl / 12%
A beautiful 1.5L magnum of the Emperor of Champagnes, Krug. What's even better is that this is from the legendary 1996 vintage. One for those who like their fizz on the massive side.
(£495.83 ex. VAT)
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