Absolut Vodka

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Absolut Vodka
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70cl / 42.3%
A premium Absolut vodka, distilled in a vintage copper rectification still from 1929 in small batches using wheat sourced locally from the nearby Råbelöf estate. It's a clean tasting vodka with a soft and silky mouthfeel - Absolut recommend you drink it neat with a single large ice cube.
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(£27.29 ex. VAT)
70cl / 40%
A special edition of 'Naked' Absolut without the usual main label. What will those clever marketing bods think of next?
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(£27.46 ex. VAT)
75cl / 40%
The second edition of Absolut for the south American market (after Rio), this edition was designed by Dr Lakra, a Mexican artist. There are three elements to the design: Balam, a Jaguar who is the protector of harvest in the Mayan religion, Hurukan, the Mayan god of wind, storm and fire and Kukulkna, god of resurrection and reincarnation.
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(£33.29 ex. VAT)
75cl / 40%
A limited edition screen printed 'city' bottling of Absolut, honouring the US west coast's San Francisco. A land of bridges, lighthouses and fly-posting, if the label is accurate.
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(£39.13 ex. VAT)
75cl / 40%
A limited edition of Absolut Vodka, styled with sunshine, palm trees and waves as a show what Miami is known for. Flavoured with Passionfruit & Orange blossum, this one sounds perfect for sipping out in the sun.
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(£39.13 ex. VAT)
100cl / 40%
A special limited edition litre bottle of Absolut Boston, which has been flavoured with an intriguing combination of black tea and elderflower. Absolut Boston is the third in the company's 'Cities' range, following Absolut New Orleans and Absolut Brooklyn
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(£43.29 ex. VAT)
450cl / 40%
A huge bottle of Absolut's super-premium, copper still distilled, local wheat vodka. 4.5 litres of soft and silky spirit, designed to be sipped over ice.
(£375.00 ex. VAT)
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