Kauffman Vodka

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Kauffman Vodka
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70cl / 40%
As you'd expect from the producer this is a high quality premium Russian vodka. Kauffman Jewish Standard is made from high quality spirit and then infused with matzah. It is, of course, certified kosher. L'chaim!
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70cl / 40%
Kauffman Soft Vodka is distilled 14 times and then filtered twice, through birch coal and then quartz sand. This soft version has a texture for which it is named and a subtle hint of honey.
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(£49.96 ex. VAT)
100cl / 40%
The most expensive vodka that we've encountered, this is the current ne plus ultra of luxury vodka. A fat (or should that be 'phat'?) bottle with an eye-catching silvery top containing a full litre of the priciest white spirit in town.

Please note that the bottling date may differ from the product image - please contact us if there is a specific year you are looking for.
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