Cruzan Rum

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Cruzan Rum
Cruzan Rum was created by the Nelthropp family, which has been producing this first-class rum for more than five generations. Cruzan Rum has been produced at the Estate Diamond distillery on St. Croix ever since 1760, and is named after the island's inhabitants, known as Cruzians(pronounced crew-shuns). As well as its award-winning golden rums, ... Read More »
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100cl / 21%
A litre bottle of Cruzan Coconut Liqueur. This is a combination of white rum with the addition of natural coconut flavour and cane sugar. This works well in a Pina Colada.
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70cl / 40%
Cruzan is a golden single barrel rum of some renown, having been made on St. Croiz since the mid-eighteenth century. The rums used for the single barrel release - the distillery's top-of-the-range offering - are aged up to twelve years and spend a year marrying in new oak after blending before each cask is bottled individually.
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100cl / 40%
A litre bottle of Cruzan's Black Strap Rum. This is made in the navy rum style, but whilst having the same richness and dark colour, it is lighter than other brands in this category. This is a favourite of mixologists and is a versatile cocktail ingredient.
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75cl / 75.5%
A punchy 151 proof version of Cruzan's golden rum. Aged for a minimum of one year in American oak barrels, this is a stronger, more pronounced version of the classic edition.
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