Pyrat Rum

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Pyrat Rum
Production of Pyrat rums adheres to very unique and traditional ageing and blending specifications, resulting in an elegant and distinctive ultra-premium spirit. Pyrat rums are a precise blend of nine carefully selected Caribbean barrel aged “pot still” rums. (“Pot stills” produce a distinctively rich, flavorful rum, whereas other “column still” ... Read More »
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75cl / 40%
A very special amber Caribbean blended rum from Anguilla Rums Ltd in the West Indies. A real connoisseur's rum, with a sublimely orangey, spicy flavour and nuanced finish.
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75cl / 40%
Awesome blend of nine Caribbean pot-still rums, some of which are aged up to 40 years. Cask 1623 is a very special rum with a pronounced rich, sweet orange flavour.
(£191.67 ex. VAT)
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