Westerhall Estate Rum

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Westerhall Estate Rum
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75cl / 40%
A 3 year old rum produced with an eye towards mixing by Westerhall on their estate in St David's, Grenada.
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(£17.79 ex. VAT)
70cl / 40%
Westerhall Estate's 12 Degrees is an aged white rum from Grenada. Double distilled, it is then aged in neutral oak casks for two years before being diluted with spring water and charcoal filtered. This is ideal for use in a long drink with a mixer of your choice.
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(£18.71 ex. VAT)
75cl / 43%
A blend of unaged 'flavour rum' and aged 'smoothing rum' to create a great sipper.
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(£23.29 ex. VAT)
75cl / 40%
A copper pot-still distilled rum from the Westerhall Estate in Grenada, which also produces sugar cane, cocoa and bananas. A traditionally made and tasty rum that's a good sipper as well as a cocktail base.
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(£29.46 ex. VAT)
75cl / 70%
Westerhall Estate's White Jack is an overproof rum from Grenada. Filtered through charcoal before bottling, it is a white rum with a great deal of purity, Ideal for adding to a kick to cocktails.
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(£30.79 ex. VAT)
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