Galliano Liqueurs

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Galliano Liqueurs
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50cl / 30%
Galliano is formulated in Italy from 25 ingredients including vanilla and star anise and packaged in an instantly recognisable obelisk-shaped bottle.
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(£12.88 ex. VAT)
50cl / 42.3%
A return to the original recipe for the ever-popular Galliano liqueur - which means less vanilla flavour and a higher strength, both of which can only be good. Delicious.
Web Exclusive Price
(£13.54 ex. VAT)
50cl / 30%
A half-litre bottle of the delicious coffee-flavoured Ristretto liqueur from legendary producers Galliano. Made using a combination of strong, bitter Indian and Kenyan Robusta beans and Brazilian and Colombian creamy chocolate Arabica beans. The varieties complement and balance each other exceptionally.
Web Exclusive Price
(£13.96 ex. VAT)
50cl / 28%
A bottle of Galliano's Amaretto – an almond-flavoured liqueur presented in the brand's trademark triangular bottle.
Web Exclusive Price
(£20.79 ex. VAT)
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