Nardini Liqueur

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Nardini Liqueur
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70cl / 29%
A bottle of Acqua de Cedro liqueur from grappa producer Nardini, who can trace their history back to 1779. Made with cedro lemons, Nardini describe this as "the noble cousin to limoncello". Although similar in flavour profile, this is drier, in part due to the tart juice from the cedro lemons.
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100cl / 19%
An aromatic and uniquely flavoured Rabarbaro from Nardini, a traditional Chinese rhubarb heavy Italian Aperitivo. It's great on its own, cool or over ice, or as an ingredient of classic cocktails.
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(£25.29 ex. VAT)
70cl / 35%
A fruity liqueur from Nardini, based on grappa and made using a mix of fruit including cherry juice.
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(£25.38 ex. VAT)
100cl / 24%
A bitter Aperitivo in the style of Campari, but with less acidity and more herbal flavours. It's coloured using vegan and kosher friendly ingredients.
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(£26.38 ex. VAT)
100cl / 24%
A bitter sweet Rosso Aperitivo from Nardini, focusing more on the sweet than the bitter. A great pre-dinner drink or cocktail ingredient, with orange, bitter quinine and vanilla.
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100cl / 31%
A bitter Amaro from Nardini, primarily flavoured with orange peel, peppermint and gentian. An intensely flavoured, bitter sweet digestif.
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(£29.96 ex. VAT)
70cl / 50%
Nardini alla Mandorla is an infusion of their Grappa Bianco with bitter almond combined with maraschino cherry distillate. This has a delicious cherry almond taste and belies it's 50% strength.
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(£30.79 ex. VAT)
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