Pernod Liqueur

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Pernod Liqueur
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70cl / 35%
Released in July 2013, but based on the original 1951 version (hence the name) this combines the aniseed flavours of the 'white' expression with fruit extracts - strawberry, raspberry, pink grapefruit and blackcurrant. Best served as a long drink with one part added to seven parts water and topped with ice cubes.
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70cl / 45%
A pastis by Pernod that they launched in 1951, hence the name. The recipe is inspired by Mediterranean aromas and is a more delicate style and is a favourite especially in the Marseille area.
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100cl / 45%
An old bottle of Pastis 51 liqueur produced by French company Pernod. This bottle appears to have been bottled sometime in the late 1990s.
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50cl / 45%
A rare half litre bottle of Pernod 45 pastis, which appears to have been produced during the 1950s.
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98cl / 45%
An old unusually-sized bottling of Pernod's ever popular anis liqueur, the foundation of a traditional pastis. We estimate this bottle dates from the 1950s.
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(£165.83 ex. VAT)
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