Phillips Liqueur

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Phillips Liqueur
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70cl / 4.5%
An old style English herb cordial, great as a mixer with rum or gin. The white peppermint has a stronger flavour than the green.
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70cl / 5.3%
An old fashioned cordial from Phillips. Originally formulated as a medicine it's a secret blend of herbs and spices that was especially popular as a mixer for rum. Thanks to the classic cocktail revival it's on its way back into the limelight.
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(£6.29 ex. VAT)
70cl / 5.3%
A pink alcoholic cordial from Phillip's, made using cloves and great for spicing up gin drinks. JR Phillips can trace their heritage back to a wine merchants in Bristol in 1739. James Rouquet Phillips bought the firm in 1825 and began to make the cordials that they are now famous for.
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70cl / 5.3%
An English alcoholic cordial from Phillip's made with lovage from the West Country and perfect mixed with brandy as a winter warmer.
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