Clos Martin Armagnac

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Clos Martin Armagnac
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70cl / 40%
An 8 year old VSOP(!) Bas Armagnac made, very unusually, entirely from the once ubiquitous but now sadly rare Folle Blanche grape, which makes delightfully elegant spirit. They're a funny lot, the French. If this was a Cognac they could call it an XO (minimum requirement 6yo ageing).
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70cl / 40%
A very rare thing to see - a single varietal Folle Blanche armagnac. This one, from the respected Clos Martin, should be floral and spicy after fifteen years in the wood.
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(£32.29 ex. VAT)
60cl / 40%
A triple pack of 20cl bottles of Armagnac from Clos Martin, featuring the VSOP and XO as well as their 1987 vintage. All presented in a delightful easy to carry wooden box.
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(£41.88 ex. VAT)
70cl / 40%
A 1988 vintage Bas Armagnac from Clos Martin. A rare example of Armagnac distilled entirely from Folle Blanche grapes, this is made in small stills. These produce a spirit at 52%, rather than into the 60s, as most other houses in the region do. The result is an Armagnac packed with aromas which is also rich and earthy.
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50cl / 40%
This 30 year old Clos Martin Armagnac is presented in a gift set with two glasses. The brand is one of many little growers whose grapes are distilled for them at the M&T facility in Nogaro.
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(£85.00 ex. VAT)
70cl / 40%
A well aged armagnac from Clos Martin, produced in the heart of Bas Armagnac and matured for 50 years before bottling as their Vieille Reserve.
(£214.17 ex. VAT)
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