Domaine Boingneres Armagnac

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Domaine Boingneres Armagnac
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70cl / 48%
An excellent high-strength non-vintage armagnac from the best region - Bas Armagnac produces heavier, more complex spirits and Domaine Boingneres is highly regarded, despite having a name that sounds a bit like a French bouncy castle.
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(£62.96 ex. VAT)
70cl / 49%
A 1999 vintage Bas Armagnac from the Lafitte family-owned Domaine Boingneres, a house famed for using a large amount of the Folle Blanche grape in their products.
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(£72.04 ex. VAT)
70cl / 49%
A russet-hued cask strength 1985 vintage armagnac from the highly-respected Domaine Boingneres, who are often unfairly overlooked because of their slightly comedic name.
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(£119.17 ex. VAT)
250cl / 48%
A large 2.5 litre bottle of Armagnac from Domaine Boingneres. A non vintage expression from the Bas Armagnac region, this will create a talking point at any party.
(£195.83 ex. VAT)
70cl / 48%
A higher-than-normal strength Bas Armagnac from the 1981 vintage, remarkable also for being produced solely from the once-ubiquitous, now all-but-forgotten Folle Blanche grape.
(£200.00 ex. VAT)
70cl / 49%
A superb high strength 1979 vintage armagnac from the Lafitte family property at Domaine Boingneres, who use a high proportion of the seldom-seen Folle Blanche grape in their assemblage.
(£229.17 ex. VAT)
70cl / 48%
An excellent Bas Armagnac from Domaine Boingneres, owned by the Lafitte family. This is from 1973 and is bottled at 48%
(£237.50 ex. VAT)
250cl / 40%
A rather rare 2.5 litre bottle of Armagnac from Domaine Boingnères, this appears to have been made from grapes harvested in 1947.
(£1,458.33 ex. VAT)
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