Versinthe Absinthe

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Versinthe Absinthe
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30cl / 55%
A gift pack from Versinthe containing a 10cl bottle each of their La Verte (Green) and La Blanche (white) absinthes along with a similar sized bottle of their absinthe liqueur and a spoon.
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70cl / 45%
A lower strength absinthe from Distilleries de Provence, very sweet and heavy on the anis, with some aromatic herbs and a light woody bitterness.
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(£24.96 ex. VAT)
50cl / 55%
Versinthe La Blanche Absinthe is produced at La Liquoristerie de Provence. White absinthe is the only alcohol in the world to be vacuum distilled at a low temperature (just 48 degrees Celsius). The same technique used in the perfume industry, this helps to keep some very delicate aromas. A blend of 20 plants, this can be served straight from the freezer or with sugar.
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50cl / 65%
A verte absinthe from Versinthe, better known for their Blanche which has been on the market in various guises since before the repeal of the French absinthe ban. An intense and decently bitter absinthe.
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(£29.13 ex. VAT)
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