Chartreuse Miniatures

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Chartreuse Miniatures
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5cl / 16.5%
A distinctive mini bottle of Chambord, the famed red and black raspberry liqueur. Other ingredients include cognac and a variety of herbs and spices.
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(£2.21 ex. VAT)
3cl / 40%
A miniature botle of Chartreuse's Yellow Liqueur. A milder, sweeter, more approachable Chartreuse more suited for the uninitiated. Remarkably, no Chartreuse products contain any artificial colourings - the colour comes from the ingredients.
Web Exclusive Price
(£2.29 ex. VAT)
3cl / 55%
A miniature bottle of Charteuse's Green Liqueur. The Chartreuse most of us recognise from Granny's drinks cabinet. Not to everyone's taste, but for those brave enough to approach with an open mind, this is a remarkable and delicious liqueur.
Web Exclusive Price
(£2.46 ex. VAT)
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