Zuidam Jenever

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Zuidam Jenever
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50cl / 38%
Korenwijn, literally 'corn wine' is a very old-style traditional jenever - the early Dutch antecedent of modern gins. Korenwijn must have a minimum of 51% malt wine (a pot-distilled unaged whisky) in its blend, with the remainder being neutral alcohol. This Korenwijn has been aged for 1 year in oak barrels.
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50cl / 38%
A 50cl bottle of 5yo jenever from Dutch distiller Zuidam, made in the old-fashioned zeer oude style. A combination of malted barley, rye and corn is triple distilled and added to botanicals including liquorice root and aniseed. This is produced in small batches, each of which is from a single barrel.
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70cl / 40%
A genever from respected Dutch distiller Zuidam, distilled on one of their traditional pot stills in small batches before being aged for a year in oak barrels. This is a very different prospect to English style gins.
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100cl / 35%
A rather different take on traditional genever, using a base of spirit made from rye. The spirit is triple distilled and aged in wood for 5 years before the botanicals are added. Half of the spirit is then redistilled before being blended with the other half and bottled, creating an aged spirit with fresh botanical flavour.
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