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Whisky Liqueur
A hugely important category. Traditional Scotch Whisky liqueurs usually feature a blend of spices, honey and occasionally cream or a fruit essence. Recent years, though, have seen plenty of innovation from the likes of Compass box's Orangerie and a new generation of American liqueurs based on bourbon.
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50cl / 40%
Well-balanced liqueur from the world's No.1 malt whisky. Blended with honey and spices for a soft, alluring liqueur best enjoyed on the rocks. Sadly now discontinued.
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(£83.29 ex. VAT)
68cl / 40%
A bottle of Drambuie whisky-liqueur from the 1970s.
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(£104.17 ex. VAT)
75cl / 25%
Single Malt Whisky Liqueur
We've managed to find a small parcel of Macallan's short-lived Amber whisky based liqueur, which was discontinued some time back despite winning more than one award in its brief lifetime. Flavoured with pecan and maple syrup, this is a treat for the sweet-tooths among you.

This is restricted to ONE BOTTLE per customer.
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(£125.00 ex. VAT)
68cl / 40%
A bottle of Drambuie's famed whisky liqueur from the 1960s, the days when it was more influenced by its Talisker cl.component. This is presented in the unusual bottle size of
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(£125.00 ex. VAT)
75cl / 40%
A hard to find bottle of Johnnie Walker's whisky liqueur - long discontinued, very rare and highly collectible.
(£415.83 ex. VAT)
70cl / 40%
An impressive whisky liqueur from Drambuie, with the name celebrating both the legend of its creation during the Jacobite uprising of the 1740s and the company's large collection of Jacobite glassware. A blend of 21 year old whiskies that was matured for a further 24 years in a mix of sherry and bourbon oak, for a total of 45 years, before mixing with Drambuie's secret recipe of herbs and spices.
(£2,916.67 ex. VAT)
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