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Flavoured Vodka
Flavoured vodkas have only recently become fashionable, but the earliest vodkas were always flavoured, though that was entirely due to necessity. When commercial distillation got underway, during the 14-15th centuries, the original technology was obviously crude, and distillers lacked the ability to rectify ('purify') the spirit.
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70cl / 44%
One of two 'hopped' vodkas from Danish 'gyspy brewers' Mikkeller. Made from tall blonde wheat which is quintuple distilled and then blended with Simcoe hops.
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100cl / 40%
A special limited edition litre bottle of Absolut Boston, which has been flavoured with an intriguing combination of black tea and elderflower. Absolut Boston is the third in the company's 'Cities' range, following Absolut New Orleans and Absolut Brooklyn
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70cl / 40%
A delicious blend of Ultimat Polish vodka. Made with three base ingredients - wheat for smoothness, rye for complexity and potato for richness. This is then blended with black cherry flavours to produce this expression, presented in a red crystal decanter.
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70cl / 43%
Viche Pitia Lemon and Milk Vodka is made by a collaboration using Russian recipes, but French equipment in the cognac region. Made using 18th century methods, this is an intriguing vodka.
World Drinks Awards 2014: World's Best Flavoured Vodka
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70cl / 58%
Viche Pitia Caraway vodka is made using Russian recipes and technologies (copper pot stills) dating from the 18th century. Due to the fact that very little experience of these stills exists in Russia today, it is produced in the Cognac region. A very interesting vodka.
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175cl / 37.5%
A big bottle of Ciroc's delicately flavoured coconut vodka, a whole 1.75 litres. A great party centrepiece that's tasty when sipped chilled or in cocktails.
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(£68.71 ex. VAT)
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