Herb Liqueur

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Herb Liqueur
A brilliantly diverse category, encompassing the monastic liqueurs like Chartreuse alongside Italian classics such as Amaretto and Sambuca, cult drinks like Jagermeister and old stagers like Kummel. Many herb liqueurs contain dozens of different ingredients, the exact constitution and combination of which is invariably a jealously-guarded secret.
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75cl / 55%
A late 1950s bottling of Green Chartreuse. Made to a secret recipe known to only a handful of silent order monks, this is a blend of 130 plants. This was produced at a time when production was being carried out in both Tarragona in Spain and Voiron in France.
(£1,125.00 ex. VAT)
75cl / 43%
An old bottle of Chartreuse Yellow Liqueur. Produced in Tarragona, the bottle carries import details for Schenley, who were importers from repeal of prohibition until the late 30s – the decade in which we estimate this was produced.

Please note this bottle has a low fill level as shown in the photograph.
(£1,458.33 ex. VAT)
75cl / 40%
A rare 1940s bottling of Yellow Chartreuse produced in Tarragona. In 1903, the Charteuse monks, members of the Carthusian order, were expelled from France and left their spiritual home at Fourvoirie for Spain. The silent order of monks have been producing their elixirs since 1737.
(£1,665.83 ex. VAT)
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