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Absinthe is an anise-flavoured spirit with a unique mystique. Absinthe's notoriety and cultural significance have led to the prevalent misconception that the drink can cause hallucinations due to the active ingredient, thujone-in reality the thujone level is so low that any effects experienced are entirely due to absinthe's high alcoholic strength. Read More »
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50cl / 85%
A superstrength version of Hapsburg's absinthe, with predominantly aniseed flavours on the palate. Must be served diluted.
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(£35.13 ex. VAT)
50cl / 79%
A very strong black absinthe from the popular Hapsburg stable. Black Amere contains the maximum amount of thujone permitted in alcoholic beverages by EU law - 35mg/kg. This is recommended to be drunk mixed with fruit juice, but still works with water in the traditional way.
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(£35.38 ex. VAT)
70cl / 68%
La Fée Absinthe Parisienne is distilled in Paris based on a 19th Century recipe containing wormwood and is the only absinthe authenticated by Marie-Claude Delahaye, founder and curator of the absinthe museum.
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70cl / 70%
A Czech-style absinth (note the lack of an e on the end) with less anise than the greener French style. Great in cocktails.
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(£36.63 ex. VAT)
50cl / 89.9%
The strongest absinthe on the UK market. Serve well diluted for your own safety and keep well away from naked flames. The term premium reserve refers to the high strength, with original being the 'weakest' (though still 72.5%) and super deluxe being in the middle.
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(£38.04 ex. VAT)
70cl / 62%
Combier L'Entente Absinthe is made by Franck Choisne in the Loire valley. Combier have a long history dating back to 1834 – as well as being renowned for their own liqueurs and spirits, allow their unique stills to be used by others, with the distillery being where Ted Breaux crafts the Jade range and Metzendorff their kummel. Serve in the traditional manner, one part to four parts water.
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(£44.13 ex. VAT)
70cl / 53%
A clear Swiss absinthe (a style known as La Bleue, hence the bottle colour), Clandestine is based on a 1935 recipe and is recommended to be served without sugar.
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(£44.21 ex. VAT)
70cl / 56%
From the Jura mountains in Eastern France - namely Pontarlier, which historically was famous for the quality of their absinthe until the 1915 ban - comes this ultra-premium clear absinthe, which won a Gold Medal and was named Best in Class at 2010's International Wine & Spirit Competition.
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(£46.04 ex. VAT)
70cl / 55%
A verte absinthe expansion to the La Maison Fontaine, complimenting their much loved blanche. The natural green colouring comes from the mix of herbal botanicals steeped in the spirit before bottling. A classicly styled green absinthe.
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(£48.21 ex. VAT)
70cl / 65%
Fascinating recreation of a lost US-produced pre-Prohibition absinthe, recreated by Swiss absinthe producer Claude-Alain Bugnon of La Clandestine. A twist on the usual french style with citrus peel giving a spicy edge to the anis.
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(£50.79 ex. VAT)
70cl / 68%
An authentic 'verte' Swiss absinthe made using 12 plants including angelica & grande wormwood. They, controversially, use grande wormwood in the post distillation maceration, giving a vivid natural green colour and a digestif bitterness.
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(£51.96 ex. VAT)
100cl / 45%
One of the earlier traditionally produced absinthes to hit the shelves as the bans started disappearing around the world, François Guy produce this well-balanced every day absinthe at their distillery in Pontarlier.
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(£54.96 ex. VAT)
70cl / 48%
Green Velvet's VAL. 275 is a clear absinthe made using herbs from the local Jura region combined with pure spring water from the Val de Travers. Perfect for using in cocktails.
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(£54.96 ex. VAT)
70cl / 65%
This is Jade's recreation of the Verte Suisse style of absinthe as distilled at the C.F. Berger distillery before its 1910 closure when absinthe was banned. A robust absinthe carefully recreated as a slice of history.
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(£55.54 ex. VAT)
70cl / 68%
An elegantly presented release from absinthe historians Jade, based on the 1901 recipe from a famous manufacturer of absinthe and produced in Saumur in France.
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(£56.38 ex. VAT)
70cl / 68%
An absinthe based on the work of New Orleans native T.A. Breaux in the early 1900s, bringing a new world style to the traditionally old world spirit.
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(£56.63 ex. VAT)
70cl / 72%
The first product released by pre-ban absinthe fans Jade, reverse engineered from vintage bottles. Delicately coloured and flavoured, an authentic taste of history.
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(£58.21 ex. VAT)
70cl / 53%
Green Velvet Absinthe is made to an 1898 family recipe. Made in the village of Couvet in the Val-de-Travers with spring water from the region and herbs from the Jura. Best served 1 part to 4 parts iced spring water.
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(£60.79 ex. VAT)
75cl / 65%
A unique absinthe made using Chilean Pisco as a base spirit, the botanicals include grande wormwood, anise and sweet fennel. Naturally coloured using herbs, this is a floral and citrusy style of absinthe verte.
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(£62.46 ex. VAT)
70cl / 53%
La Fee's XS collection consists of two extra superior wine based absinthes distilled in Pontarlier, France and Couvet, Val-de-Travers, Switzerland using original recipes and methods. Each distillation is hand-crafted in small quantities using a high proportion of quality herbs, including locally grown Grand Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium). They are classed as ‘amers’ meaning a substantially higher level of wormwood is used. This is the Swiss version.
Web Exclusive Price
(£71.88 ex. VAT)
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