Grape Brandy

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Grape Brandy
The term 'brandy' refers to the spirit created by distilling wine made from any fermented fruit and covers a wide range of products including the likes of Calvados, Poire William, Slivovitz. However, in this section we are dealing with non-French grape brandy. Read More »
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70cl / 40%
A deluxe expression Cardenal Mendoza packaged with a Riedel brandy snifter.
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(£75.79 ex. VAT)
70cl / 38%
A very long-aged traditional Spanish grape brandy from the Jerez region, more famous for its fortified wine. Carlos I Imperial has been aged in a solera system, just like the sherry itself.
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(£81.46 ex. VAT)
300cl / 40%
A fantasticly huge bottle of the popular German brandy Asbach.
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(£85.00 ex. VAT)
300cl / 38%
A very large bottle of Metaxa 5 star with a stand and inbuilt tap for easy pouring. The brandy is a blend of grape brandies aged up to 5 years old and sweet Muscat wine from the Aegean.
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(£120.83 ex. VAT)
70cl / 40%
A long aged brandy from German distiller Asbach, matured for 21 years and presented in a hefty decanter.
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(£120.83 ex. VAT)
50cl / 45%
A half-litre carafe of Cardenal Mendoza's finest sherry cask-aged brandy complete with a very pretty decanter in which to serve it. As the name would suggest, this is the absolute top of the line for Spanish brandy.
(£562.50 ex. VAT)
70cl / 45.3%
Cask No.1 (aka the Spyros cask) is the oldest cask used at Metaxa. This brandy has been made in a solera system that dates back over 80 years – the pinnacle of Greek spirit.
(£1,665.83 ex. VAT)
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