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Made in Ireland since the early 17th Century, poteen or poitin translates as 'little pot' a term referring to the small, home-made stills in which it is usually produced. Traditionally made from either potatoes or grain, the production of poteen was outlawed in 1661, and remained illegal until the late 1990s. Read More »
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50cl / 60%
A triple distilled grain spirit from Ireland bottled at 'Farmers Strength' of 60% and blessed with awards from the IWSC and the Ultimate Spirits Challenge.
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(£21.04 ex. VAT)
70cl / 40%
A traditional Irish poteen, Glendalough Premium is made to an old recipe using sugar beet and malted barley and aged in virgin Irish oak for (they say) a smooth, toasted and woody drink.
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(£22.46 ex. VAT)
50cl / 61.5%
A punchy bottling of the infamous Irish moonshine known as Poitin(Poteen), put together by the folks of the Teeling Whisky Company. A blend of double-distilled malt spirit and triple distilled maize spirit - classic Irish whiskey new make available to try before it's touched a barrel.
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(£23.04 ex. VAT)
70cl / 40%
Glendalough's Sherry Cask Poitin is made by finishing their Premium expression in sherry casks, resulting in a richer texture and honey and raisin notes.
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(£24.13 ex. VAT)
10cl / 48%
Celtic Poteen is made by the Celtic Spirit Company of Anglesey. Made to an old family recipe dating from the end of the 19th century, this is a combination of spirit distilled from vegetables and grains.
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(£24.96 ex. VAT)
70cl / 52.7%
First released in September 2013, Bán Poitín (actually pronounced 'bawn potcheen') is produced in the village of Skibbereen on the south west coast of Ireland. Distilled in small batches using a combination of sugar beet and malted barley.
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(£25.79 ex. VAT)
70cl / 60%
Made to the same recipe as Glendalough Premium, their Mountain Strength is left at 60% abv for an extra woody and spicy style of poteen.
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(£28.29 ex. VAT)
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