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Flat-bottomed glasses that are used for long drinks, or for enjoying your whisky on the rocks.
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A bobbly, inwardly tapered tumbler from the Gem range. Tactile and decently weighty.
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(£4.54 ex. VAT)
A knobbly highball glass from the Gem range. It feels good in the hand, has a decent weight and its tapered sides give it a modern look.
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(£4.54 ex. VAT)
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The Jacobite Glass from Glencairn is reminiscent of the glass used in the mid-18th century by the Jacobites to secretly honour Bonnie Prince Charlie.
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A 6 pack of Glencairn's specially designed whisky glasses - enough like a sherry copita to enhance the nose of the whisky while still durable, heavy in the hand and easy to drink out of.
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(£20.79 ex. VAT)
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