Malt Spirits / White Dogs

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Malt Spirits / White Dogs
Malt spirits are distilled from malted barley but have not been aged the requisite three years required for the spirit to be known as whisky. Read More »
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37.5cl / 62.5%
Unaged American Spirit
The fad for distilleries releasing their new make spirit continues, this time in the form of Buffalo Trace's 'White Dog', the affectionate name given to unaged whiskey. Competitively-priced and attractively packaged, we reckon that Buffalo Trace's extra style credentials could well see this becoming a hit cocktail ingredient.
Please note that this is a 37.5cl bottle
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50cl / 46%
Scotch Single Malt Spirit
Distillery Bottling
Spirit of Lewis is single malt spirit from the Abhainn Dearg distillery on the Isle of Lewis. Bottled from a single cask at 46%, Spirit of Lewis has been aged for less than three years and therefore cannot legally be called whisky.
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(£27.71 ex. VAT)
75cl / 40%
Unaged American Spirit
A crisp and clean tasting unaged whiskey from Chicago's FEW distillery, bottled before it's hit a barrel and great as a base for cocktails or on its own.
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(£28.71 ex. VAT)
70cl / 62%
American Single Malt Spirit
A hefty American single malt spirit aged less than 30 days, Wasmund's is double-distilled at the Copper Fox distillery in Virginia from 100% hand-malted barley in small copper potstills. The malting notes for this are 'Light Smoke. 60% Applewood, 40% Cherrywood'.
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70cl / 50%
Distillery Bottling
Bruichladdich X4 has been distilled four times, reaching 92%, before being bottled at a reduced 50% without ageing (which is why it can't be called whisky).
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(£49.96 ex. VAT)
112.5cl / 62.5%
Unaged American Spirit
Distillery Bottling
A set of three half bottles of white dog (unmatured whiskey) show-casing Buffalo Trace's 3 main spirit recipes. Along with the already released Mash #1 there is also Wheated Mash, used to make WL Weller and Pappy Van Winkle, and Rye Mash, used to make Sazerac. An interesting insight into the development of whiskey in the cask and an increasingly popular cocktail ingredient.
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(£62.46 ex. VAT)
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