Glenfarclas - The Family Casks

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Glenfarclas is one of our favourite malts. Fans of sherried brands like The Macallan should definitely give these whiskies a try if they haven't tried them recently.

In terms of price & quality we feel there is very little to compare. The 15yo, 21yo and the 30yo are our personal favourites, with the 15yo picking up our inaugural 2013 Whisky of the Year award. However in addition to their ongoing range they have a little something extra - The Family Casks.

Each bottled from a single cask, mostly sherry with some other surprises in the mix, these span five decades, with bottlings appearing from the 1960s through to more recent times. The one thing that they have in common is excellent quality and careful selection - there are some stunning whiskies in the range, with more appearing all of the time.

We have many of these vintages available in stock, however please note that some vintages are pre-order only. Therefore, please note that orders for The Family Casks may take 7-14 days for delivery. We will be happy to answer phone or email queries to check availability.