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Welcome to the Elements of Islay, our new range of Single Islay Malt Whiskies.   The Elements range draws its inspiration from traditional medical laboratory labels and packaging – even the bottle we’ve used is called ‘pharmacy’.

The Elements range will be bottled in individual batches, typically blended from between 1 and 10 casks from a single distillery.  Each bottle shows the distillery’s ‘Element’ symbol alongside a batch number on the label (eg Lp1).

Another important feature of the Elements range is the absence of vintages or age statements on the label.  This enables us to marry casks of different ages together to create a unique taste profile for each batch – we believe that stated ages and vintages are less important than creating a top quality malt that truly expresses the character of the distillery that made it. 

To underscore this, we have asked respected industry figures to endorse each batch of Elements whisky.  We are delighted that the famous whisky writer, raconteur and bon vivant Charles MacLean agreed to endorse our inaugural release, which encompassed truly elemental full-proof single malts from three wonderful Islay distilleries. Since then he has been followed by Hideo Yamaoka, Ingvar Ronde, Dominic Roskrow and Gordon Homer, as well as our own Oliver Chilton and Billy Abbott, all of whom have been kind enough to taste, test and approve our whiskies.

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Show your love of the mysterious Ar bottlings from the Elements of Islay series with this label replica t-shirt.

Available in sizes from Small to XXL. Also available in white
£12.95 Inc. VAT
(£10.79 Ex. VAT)
The Elements of Islay break out of the bottle and onto a t-shirt, with this white shirt emblazoned with the label design of Ar1. While we can't tell you what distillery Ar is from, we can tell that we also have the shirt available in black.

Available in sizes from Small to XXL.Also available in black
£12.95 Inc. VAT
(£10.79 Ex. VAT)
Pe, the most sought after bottling in the Elements of Islay range, immortalised on a high quality black t-shirt. The Pe1 sold out in a couple of weeks, but hopefully we'll be able to keep these shirts around for a bit longer.

Available in sizes from Small to XXL. Also available in white
£12.95 Inc. VAT
(£10.79 Ex. VAT)
A white t-shirt commemorating the first Elements of Islay release from the distillery that we only refer to as Pe. This t-shirt features detail from the label and may not keep you as warm as the dram did, but will have a good try.

Available in sizes from Small to XXL. Also available in black
£12.95 Inc. VAT
(£10.79 Ex. VAT)
50cl / 58.7%
A fourth release of whisky from Cl in the Elements range, a big and punchy display from this underrated distillery. Clean, crisp and very assertive at full strength with a big peaty punch, but mellows and gets very briney with water.
£39.15 Inc. VAT
(£32.63 Ex. VAT)
50cl / 56.1%
The second release from the Islay distillery codenamed "Bn". Although Bn is best known for very low or unpeated malt, this bottling is smoky and complex with an oily texture and packs quite a punch at full strength.
£40.35 Inc. VAT
(£33.63 Ex. VAT)
50cl / 55.7%
The fourth entry in the Elements of Islay range from this distillery, Lg4 is a much darker and dirtier dram than its colour suggests - expect a smoky beast, with ash and lots of earthy undertones.
£46.95 Inc. VAT
(£39.13 Ex. VAT)
50cl / 56.9%
Bn is well known for its heavy, unpeated spirit despite being an Islay distillery, and this is a lightly smoky masterpiece. Spicy and peppery, with charred oak and stewed fruit.
£49.95 Inc. VAT
(£41.63 Ex. VAT)
50cl / 54.7%
A fourth release of single malt whisky from this Islay favourite. Sweet and full of buttery grain while avoiding the traditional island smokiness, this one has been a hit at whisky shows across Europe.
£55.35 Inc. VAT
(£46.13 Ex. VAT)
50cl / 58%
The second Lg for Elements of Islay is noticeably sweeter than the first, but retains the raw, south-coast ruggedness of its predecessor. Oaty with hints of honeycomb and white chocolate on the nose. Bandages and bonfires on the palate, then a briney, medicinal finish.
£59.95 Inc. VAT
(£49.96 Ex. VAT)
50cl / 53.8%
The fifth release in the Elements of Islay range from one of Islay's most progressive distillers. Br5 is easy drinking and a great example of the distillery's style.
£59.95 Inc. VAT
(£49.96 Ex. VAT)
50cl / 61.2%
Quite a poky spirit from Cl, bottled at 61.2%. However, behind the heat and smoke is a delicate and subtly flavoured dram - a drop of water works wonders, and reveals citrus and stone fruit.
£59.95 Inc. VAT
(£49.96 Ex. VAT)
50cl / 54.8%
A rich and sherried whisky from a distillery famed for its medicinally flavoured spirit, the fourth that has appeared from them in the Elements of Islay range.
£64.95 Inc. VAT
(£54.13 Ex. VAT)
50cl / 52.4%
Whiskies from mystery distillery Lp are known for their big peat, big smoke and big flavour, and this doesn't disappoint. Peppery and medicinal to start, with sweetness and fruit to follow.
£69.95 Inc. VAT
(£58.29 Ex. VAT)
50cl / 50.1%
The third bottling of whisky from the mysterious Cl distillery in the Elements of Islay range.
£79.95 Inc. VAT
(£66.63 Ex. VAT)
50cl / 58.1%
The fourth bottling from mysterious distillery Ar in the Elements of Islay series. Known for their heavily peated style, this doesn't disappoint, with barbecue smoke, fruit and sweet caramel.

This is restricted to one bottle per customer.
£89.95 Inc. VAT
(£74.96 Ex. VAT)
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