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Welcome to the Elements of Islay, our new range of Single Islay Malt Whiskies.   The Elements range draws its inspiration from traditional medical laboratory labels and packaging – even the bottle we’ve used is called ‘pharmacy’.

The Elements range will be bottled in individual batches, typically blended from between 1 and 10 casks from a single distillery.  Each bottle shows the distillery’s ‘Element’ symbol alongside a batch number on the label (eg Lp1).

Another important feature of the Elements range is the absence of vintages or age statements on the label.  This enables us to marry casks of different ages together to create a unique taste profile for each batch – we believe that stated ages and vintages are less important than creating a top quality malt that truly expresses the character of the distillery that made it. 

To underscore this, we have asked respected industry figures to endorse each batch of Elements whisky.  We are delighted that the famous whisky writer, raconteur and bon vivant Charles MacLean agreed to endorse our inaugural release, which encompassed truly elemental full-proof single malts from three wonderful Islay distilleries. Since then he has been followed by Hideo Yamaoka, Ingvar Ronde, Dominic Roskrow and Gordon Homer, as well as our own Oliver Chilton and Billy Abbott, all of whom have been kind enough to taste, test and approve our whiskies.