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In these supposedly enlightened times, it’s remarkable how many people still assume that women just want pink stuff.  The whole concept of gifts for separate genders is at best absurdly simplistic. 

However, since women are generally of a more discerning nature than men and are frequently blessed with a keener appreciation of flavour and visual style, it can often be rather difficult for men to get gift-buying right.

This section, then, is not intended to tell women what to like.  It’s intended as a guide for their clueless partners.  Ladies, we can’t guarantee they’ll pick the right thing off this list.  But we’re doing all we can to try and help them not to get it wrong again.

The main question to consider when buying a gift for a woman is simple: Is It Fabulous?  If the answer is Yes, you’re probably okay.

With that maxim in mind, we’ve picked a selection of pretty fabulous products. Household names like Moët & Chandon, Rémy Martin, Drambuie and Bombay Sapphire rub shoulders with contemporary classics like Sipsmith, Diplomatico, Four Roses and Nikka. Why not buy one for the lady in your life - and then help her drink it?!

All these gifts are well-designed, visually arresting and have the quality in the bottle to back it up.  In other words, they’re fabulous.  OK, so one or two of them are pink.  But there’s still a few girly girls out there. 

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