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As we draw to the end of our glorious British 'summer' the appeal of frosty beverages is starting to wane, and as such we bring you a new selection of delights to hopefully inspire the next couple of months of drinks. Despite our name we're lovers of all types of spirit at TWE, especially whisky's grape based cousin, brandy. While you can find brandies from all over the world there's one area that stands out as The Place to look - Cognac.

In the list below you can find a wide range of Cognacs from the light and fruity to the dark and complicated, the savour-by-the-fireside-with-a-cigar to the shake-it-up-with-ice-in-a-cocktail, and the regular tipple to the special occasion.

We've had a range of interesting new Cognacs appear over the last year, with some interesting developments in the lineups of the big houses. First amongst these is Rémy Martin's relaunch of their VSOP, using old casks to marry the cognac blend before bottling, a formulation change that garnered them a Silver Outstanding medal at the 2012 International Wine and Spirits Competition.

Courvoisier have also looked at their luxury cognac range, producing a special limited edition of L'Essence in honour of 2012 being the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese calendar.

There's also some new bottlings from Bache Gabrielsen and Grosperrin as well as some more quarter bottles, allowing you to try a wider range of cognacs before buying full-sized examples.

So, sit back and watch the leaves turn brown with a glass of Cognac in hand.


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