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A selection of gins you may not have heard of, perfect for expanding your horizons on June 14th - World Gin Day 2014
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70cl / 44%
A much lauded gin since it appeared on the ever crowded scene in 2012. It's a slightly sweetened spirit inspired by a 1780s recipe and with a nod towards Old Tom. A must for gin fans.
£30.95 Inc. VAT
(£25.79 Ex. VAT)
70cl / 45.2%
A deluxe high-strength gin, awarded 97 points and the title 'Spirit of the Year 2003' by the Chicago Beverage Tasting Institute (BTI), the world’s largest and most powerful drinks testing organisation.
£31.95 Inc. VAT
(£26.63 Ex. VAT)
70cl / 42%
The King of Soho London Dry Gin is distilled in London. The brainchild of Howard Raymond as a tribute to his late father - 'The King of Soho', Paul Raymond. 12 botanicals are used in the production, including coriander, grapefruit peel, angelica root and cassia.
£31.95 Inc. VAT
(£26.63 Ex. VAT)
70cl / 46%
An impressive-looking premium gin from famous wine & spirits merchants Berry Bros & Rudd, No. 3 London Dry is distilled in copper potstills in Holland, counts cardamom seeds and grapefruit peel among its botanicals, and has been bottled at an invigorating 46%.
£32.45 Inc. VAT
(£27.04 Ex. VAT)
70cl / 48%
A gin from Southwold brewers Adnams, bottled at a chunky 48%. It's a traditional juniper-led gin with a nice heavy palate and a great kick.
CLASS Magazine Awards 2011 - Best New Product
£32.45 Inc. VAT
(£27.04 Ex. VAT)
70cl / 46%
A quality new potstill American gin made in very small batches and distilled five times for extra purity, using natural botanicals that are macerated overnight in the still. "...I rarely drink hard liquor, but I must say this was the smoothest gin I have ever had." - Robert Parker
£32.85 Inc. VAT
(£27.38 Ex. VAT)
100cl / 47.2%
Bellringer gin is made using the traditional London Dry Gin recipe, and using the same batch distillation techniques as traditional London Dry Gin. Bottled at export strength.
£32.95 Inc. VAT
(£27.46 Ex. VAT)
70cl / 43.5%
A very handsomely-presented London gin, made by Thames Distillers. Thankfully the product lives up to the stylish packaging - this is excellent stuff.
£33.15 Inc. VAT
(£27.63 Ex. VAT)
70cl / 48%
A deliciously tasty gin from the highly innovative Williams Chase distillery in Herefordshire. Not content with knocking out the delightful Chase potato vodka, they've now bottled this wonderfully fresh (and pleasantly potent) gin, distilled from their own organically grown apples. Bravo!
£33.95 Inc. VAT
(£28.29 Ex. VAT)
70cl / 46%
An unusual gin from Bruichladdich's 'Ugly Betty' Lomond still, Botanist contains no fewer than 31 botanicals, of which 22 are native to Islay itself, including Mugwort, Meadow Sweet and the enigmatic Lady's Bedstraw flowers.

Winner of TWE Best Spirit of the Year 2013
£33.95 Inc. VAT
(£28.29 Ex. VAT)
70cl / 43%
Moonshine Kid was launched in 2013 by the legendario Matt Whiley. The Dogs Nose Dry Hop Gin is made with a combination of Chinook and Columbus hops, better known for their use in American IPAs, along with the more traditional gin botanicals - we're expecting big things from this one.
£33.95 Inc. VAT
(£28.29 Ex. VAT)
75cl / 44%
Named after the famous American poet, Dorothy Parker American gin is a blend of botanicals including juniper, elderberries, citrus, cinnamon and hibiscus. This makes both a delicious G&T and a Gin Daisy.
£34.75 Inc. VAT
(£28.96 Ex. VAT)
50cl / 49.9%
The first product from The London Distillery Company, which was founded with the aim of becoming the capital's first whisky distillery in over 100 years. It's named for Ralph Dodd, an entrepreneur in the early 19th century who founded a similarly named but ill-fated distillery, and was first produced in early 2013 using a mixture of pot and vacuum distilled spirits.
£34.95 Inc. VAT
(£29.13 Ex. VAT)
70cl / 41.5%
Mombasa Club Gin was inspired by the eponymous private social club on the island of Zanzibar, which imported a gin from England for consumption by its members. Distilled four times and the botanicals include angelica root, cassia bark and coriander seeds. A spicy gin with a hint of sweetness.
£34.95 Inc. VAT
(£29.13 Ex. VAT)
70cl / 40%
After the roaring success of their Seville Orange vodka, here come Hereford's Williams Chase with the same formula aplied to their marvellous gin (made with organically grown apples, don't you know). An absolute joy, wonderful in G&T's and we'd wager this would make a pretty mean alternative Negroni too, perhaps with a splash of Aperol.
£35.25 Inc. VAT
(£29.38 Ex. VAT)
70cl / 45%
An interesting gin from California's St George Spirits, juniper-led with only a few supporting botanicals to let the underlying spirit sing out - a pot distilled rye spirit that gives this an almost Genever-like edge.
£35.95 Inc. VAT
(£29.96 Ex. VAT)
75cl / 45%
A botanical-heavy gin from the folks at St George Spirits in California. Even though it's packed with over 20 different ingredients it remains balanced and is excellent as a base for classic cocktails.
£35.95 Inc. VAT
(£29.96 Ex. VAT)
70cl / 44%
A unique aged French gin produced in very small quantities in Château de Bonbonnet by the cellar master of Cognac Ferrand. Citadelle Gin Reserve is also matured for 6 months in old oak casks.
£36.65 Inc. VAT
(£30.54 Ex. VAT)
75cl / 57%
A navy strength gin from Chicago's FEW distillery, made using a special botanical mix tailored to work well with the higher strength base spirit.
£37.55 Inc. VAT
(£31.29 Ex. VAT)
70cl / 40%
A small batch American gin, production is limited to 50 cases at a time and the botanicals include 'hand-zested American pummelos'. No, us neither. Answers on a postcard. Please note that the image here is representative and batch numbers may vary.
£37.95 Inc. VAT
(£31.63 Ex. VAT)
75cl / 40%
Smooth Ambler's Greenbrier Gin is a small batch offering from the company which was only founded in 2009. With notes of juniper and black pepper, this has a rich texture and works well in a G&T.
£38.35 Inc. VAT
(£31.96 Ex. VAT)
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