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Sherry and port are great drinks all year round, with enough variation in the categories to provide a wine for every occasion. However, with the nights drawing in and the end of the year approaching rapidly our minds turn to rich and warming drinks.

Whether you're after a rich and raisiny tawny, a sweet ruby, a vintage port to cellar, a Late Bottled Vintage to drink now, a lighter sherry as an aperitif or a PX to end a meal, we have something for you below.

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50cl / 15%
A very off-the-wall alternative to port, Rubis is a chocolate-flavoured Spanish fortified wine made from the Tempranillo grape (more usually seen in Rioja) and infused with a luxurious chocolate essence. Chocolate AND red wine?! The ladies are going to love this.
£9.95 Inc. VAT
(£8.29 Ex. VAT)
75cl / 19.5%
A medium amontillado from Williams & Humbert, aged for at least 6 years in their solera. A combination of Palomino and Pedro Ximinez grapes give this a rounded combination of a nutty body with sweet dried fruit richness.
£12.35 Inc. VAT
(£10.29 Ex. VAT)
75cl / 20%
A late bottled vintage port from Taylor's, aged in wood for 4 to 6 years before release. LBV was introduced as a way to drink vintage port earlier (and cheaper) and is ready to be drunk upon release.
£13.75 Inc. VAT
(£11.46 Ex. VAT)
75cl / 20%
There's something special about Fonseca's Terra Prima Reserve port - it's made with organically grown grapes. Enhance your green credentials at the Christmas table with this medium-weight, sweetly silky after-dinner tipple.
£15.85 Inc. VAT
(£13.21 Ex. VAT)
37.5cl / 15.5%
An extraordinarily intense, profoundly sweet, sticky Pedro Ximenez sherry from Gonzalez Byass. One of the world's great wines - so densely viscous you practically have to shake it out of the bottle.
Please note that this is a 37.5cl bottle
£19.95 Inc. VAT
(£16.63 Ex. VAT)
75cl / 20%
From one of the most famous names in fortified wine, Harvey's Rich Oloroso is, as the name suggests, a rich, sweet sherry with plenty of flavour intensity. A treat for lovers of the genre, and a must-try for fans of heavily sherried malts.
£20.65 Inc. VAT
(£17.21 Ex. VAT)
75cl / 20.5%
A gift pack containing a bottle of 1996 Fonseca Guimaraens vintage port and a decanting funnel. Only made in non-declared port vintages, Guimaraens vintage is one of our biggest hits at Christmas, this is terrific stuff for the money.
£26.65 Inc. VAT
(£22.21 Ex. VAT)
50cl / 20%
A well aged Tawny port from Cockburn's, the leading port brand in the UK, this has been aged a full two decades in old oak casks and arrives in stylish contemporary packaging - very unusual to see a port in clear glass.
£27.95 Inc. VAT
(£23.29 Ex. VAT)
75cl / 20%
A delightfully smooth, soft and silky tawny port from Taylor's, aged for twenty years in oak before bottling. Medium-bodied and silkily-textured, but rich and complex in flavour.
£34.45 Inc. VAT
(£28.71 Ex. VAT)
75cl / 20%
A superb 30 year-old tawny port from the legendary house of Taylor Fladgate and Yeatman. Wonderful complexity allied with a delicate touch make this a superb wine for the end of a meal.
£66.95 Inc. VAT
(£55.79 Ex. VAT)
75cl / 20.5%
A 1985 vintage port from famous producer Taylor's. It has developed very well since bottling, and is drinking brilliantly now, but will improve even further if you have the self-control to cellar it for a few more years.
£76.95 Inc. VAT
(£64.13 Ex. VAT)
75cl / 20%
A spectacular tawny port from leading producer Taylor's, this has been aged in wood for forty years, and those four decades of careful maturation have produced a port of incredible complexity on the nose and matchless drinkability on the silky-soft palate.
£105.00 Inc. VAT
(£87.50 Ex. VAT)
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