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All gifts for your loved ones are special – but some presents are more special than others.  Choose from our selection of the very best luxury gifts: we’ve got the finest luxury whiskies, the most exclusive luxury cognacs, some extraordinary luxury rums and a host of other fantastically decadent spirits from our astonishing range of the planet’s most fabulous luxury drinks.

Cognac is synonymous with the luxury spirit category, so we’ve chosen a list of the finest luxury cognacs – some magnificent eaux-de-vies from the world's greatest cognac houses: Rémy Martin, Hennessy, Martell & Courvoisier. We’ve also included historic pre-phylloxera cognacs from less well-known but equally prestigious houses such as Hine, FrapinCroizet, Sazerac and Delamain - we’ve even got an astounding 18th-century Grande Champagne cognac from the 1777 vintage.

For many other connoisseurs, however, whisky is their favourite luxury drink. We’ve put together an unbeatable range of the greatest luxury single malt whiskies from blue-chip distilleries including Ardbeg, Dalmore, Macallan, Springbank and Bowmore, as well as some incredibly rare and exclusive luxury blended whiskies from Johnnie Walker and Chivas.

While whisky and cognac are the traditional luxury spirits, there are many brilliant luxury drinks from other spirits categories. We have some wonderful luxury rums – including some historic spirits distilled in the 19th century and a precious pre-Castro Bacardi. We’ve also got some 19th century Armagnac and Calvados, while for fans of more unusual luxury drinks, we’ve chosen a handful of ultra-premium vodkas and some fabulous aged luxury tequilas.

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