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Rum is the most versatile spirit – and for that reason it can be hard to pick the best rum gifts for your friends and loved ones.  We’ve picked a great selection of the greatest rums of all styles and colours and every one of them will make perfect gifts for rum lovers.

If you need a present for a rum cocktail drinker, we’ve got luxurious smooth silver rums, perfect over ice or for mixing in pimped-up versions of classic rum cocktails like Daiquiris and Mojitos. 

We’ve also got a great range of delicious golden rums – the ideal present for rum fans who like to sip their rums as well as mix them; and don't forget to check out our amazing long-aged rums, perfect for sipping after dinner and the best gift for the dedicated rum connoisseur.

We've got brilliant rums from all around the world, including Jamaica's Appleton, Martinique's Trois Rivières, Haiti's Barbancourt, Venezuela's Diplomatico, Nicaragua's Flor de Cana and Guatemala's Zacapa, plus a host of fantastic rums from around the Caribbean and South America.  So if your rum-loving relatives and fanatical friends prefer molasses-based rums or rhum agricole, made with the sweet juice of the sugar cane itself, this is the best place to find the greatest rum gifts.

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