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Another year and another Whisky Bible, listing Jim Murray's opinions on the whiskies of the world.

Like usual Jim has not skirted controversy, with the very tasty (but maybe not quite 'Best Whisky in the World') Glenmorangie Ealanta picking up the top prize - you probably won't see it in the list of bottles below as it, along with runners-up William Larue Weller and Thomas H Handy, sold out within moments of the news leaking.

However, Jim's still pulled out and brought attention to some great, overlooked drams - there's something for everyone in the list below - we've pulled in some more of his top picks, everything scoring over 96 points.

Whether you agree with Jim Murray's scores or not, he certainly knows how to pick some interesting whiskies.

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5cl / 40%
A miniature (plastic bottle) of the world's best-selling blended Scotch, Johnnie Walker Black Label
£2.95 Inc. VAT
(£2.46 Ex. VAT)
70cl / 40%
Blended from more than 50 single malts (with particular emphasis on Miltonduff and Glenburgie) as well as 4 single grain whiskies. Ballantine's Finest is a smooth, satisfyingly modern blend, now picking up serious momentum in overseas markets under owners Chivas Brothers.
Whisky Bible 2011 & 2012: Scotch Blend of the Year (NAS); 96 Points
£18.75 Inc. VAT
(£15.63 Ex. VAT)
70cl / 40%
Hugely popular Irish blend, renowned for its affinity with ginger ale. The default springboard into the fascinating world of Irish whiskey, Jameson's quality has improved massively in the last 10-15 years and it's one of Jim Murray's favourites, with 95 points in the Whisky Bible 2013.
Whisky Bible 2013: 95 Points
£19.45 Inc. VAT
(£16.21 Ex. VAT)
70cl / 40%
Special Offer: £1.50 Off!!
Johnnie Walker Black Label is one of the world's favourite Scotch whiskies - and over 100 years after its first appearance in 1909, it's still winning awards.
Whisky Bible 2011 & 2012: Best Blend (5-12 Years); 95.5 Points
World Whiskies Awards 2012 - Best Blended Scotch 12 years and under
£25.25 Inc. VAT
(£21.04 Ex. VAT)
70cl / 46%
For peat-lovers, Ardbeg 10yo is probably the highest-quality 'entry-level' single malt on the market, and the distillery many Islay connoisseurs would choose as their favourite. A whirlwind of peat and complex malty flavours.
£39.95 Inc. VAT
(£33.29 Ex. VAT)
70cl / 50%
Amrut Fusion gets its name from the fact that it uses two barleys: Indian and Scottish - with the latter being peated for good measure. Fusion has been picking up awards ever since it first appeared in 2009, and in 2012 was named the best whisky for a Rob Roy in the Ultimate Cocktail Challenge in New York.
Whisky Bible Awards 2014: 97 Points
£42.45 Inc. VAT
(£35.38 Ex. VAT)
70cl / 46%
The ongoing semi-peated whisky from Indian distiller Paul John. It combines their fruity unpeated single malt whisky with some 20-25ppm peated spirit to give a sweet and spicy whisky balanced by an underlying earthy smoke.
£42.45 Inc. VAT
(£35.38 Ex. VAT)
75cl / 46%
A great gift pack from Ardbeg, bringing together their best-selling 10 year old whisky with a mini of the fan favourite Uigeadail, a mix of both bourbon and sherry casks much loved by most peat heads.
This is limited to 2 packs per customer
£44.95 Inc. VAT
(£37.46 Ex. VAT)
70cl / 46%
A single pot still incarnation of Powers whisky, named for the now-defunct old Powers distillery. This is a very classy whiskey made using a combination of bourbon and oloroso sherry cask matured spirit.

Whisky Bible Awards 2012 - Irish Whiskey of the Year
£45.25 Inc. VAT
(£37.71 Ex. VAT)
70cl / 43%
Full-bodied, with creamy vanilla notes, this is one of the best blends available anywhere. A testament to the art of the master blender, and fiercely championed by Jim Murray.
Whisky Bible Awards 2011: World Whisky of the Year;
Whisky Bible Awards 2013: Scotch Whisky of the Year; 97.5 Points

IWSC 2012 - Gold Medal - Whisky - Scotch
£46.95 Inc. VAT
(£39.13 Ex. VAT)
75cl / 46.85%
An 8 year old bourbon distilled in Bardstown and named for the year that Kentucky became a state - 1792. Ridgemont Reserve is a bit of a hidden gem, with a very low profile despite a huge 94.5 points in Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2013.
Whisky Bible Awards 2013: 9 Years & Under; 94.5 Points
£52.25 Inc. VAT
(£43.54 Ex. VAT)
70cl / 46%
Just like the 15yo, Glendronach Allardice 18yo (named after the distillery's founder) has been 100% matured in Oloroso sherry casks. We're delighted to welcome Glendronach back from the wilderness - Billy Walker and his team are doing outstanding work here.
£59.25 Inc. VAT
(£49.38 Ex. VAT)
70cl / 57.1%
Ardbeg Corryvreckan has been a huge success since its launch in 2009, winning World's Best Single Malt Whisky at the World Whisky Awards 2010 and 96.5 points from Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2011.
Whisky Bible 2011: NAS Single Malt Scotch of the Year; 96.5 Points
£65.45 Inc. VAT
(£54.54 Ex. VAT)
70cl / 57.1%
A new concept from Amrut. The spirit for Intermediate Sherry Matured starts life in a mix of ex-bourbon and virgin oak casks. It is then transferred to sherry casks for a period before going back into bourbon casks to complete its maturation. There's been a huge buzz about this, and we've only got a small allocation,
£65.45 Inc. VAT
(£54.54 Ex. VAT)
70cl / 57.5%
As reliably excellent as ever, the 2011 Special Releases Lagavulin 12yo was distilled in 1999 and vatted from refill American oak casks. As you'd expect, this is a very upfront, sooty-sweet Lagavulin in the classic style.
World Whiskies Awards 2012 - Best Islay 12 years and under
£79.96 Inc. VAT
(£66.63 Ex. VAT)
70cl / 40%
Malt of the Month!
A mix of bourbon and sherry casks matured for 19 years before the last two years are spent finishing in ex-Madeira casks, this is the top of Bushmill's regular range.
World Whiskies Awards 2012 - Best Irish Single Malt
£99.00 Inc. VAT
(£82.50 Ex. VAT)
375cl / 43%
A huge 3.75 litre bottle of Johnnie Walker's ever popular Black Label blended whisky. Will require two hands to pour...
£150.00 Inc. VAT
(£125.00 Ex. VAT)
375cl / 43%
A huge 3.75 litre bottle of Johnnie Walker's ever popular Black Label blended whisky. Will require two hands to pour...

Please note this bottle has a slightly damaged label as shown in the photograph.
£150.00 Inc. VAT
(£125.00 Ex. VAT)
70cl / 53.7%
A whisky commemorating the end of an era in Whisky history - the enactment of the Scotch Whisky Regulations of 2009. After the 22nd of November 2011 whiskies can no longer be labelled as Vatted Malts, the new term being the (debatably) confusing Blended Malt Whisky. This bottling, a cask strength vatting of 35 year old Speyside whisky and 26 year old Islay whisky, is Compass Box's tribute.

Whisky Bible 2013: 96.5 Points
£176.00 Inc. VAT
(£146.67 Ex. VAT)
70cl / 46%
The 2013 release in Glenmorangie's annual Private Edition series of small batch wood experiments, Ealanta differs from its predecessors as it has been full-term matured (rather than finished) in its designer casks, which in this instance are made from heavily toasted new white oak.
This is limited to 1 bottle per customer

Jim Murray's Best Whisky in the World 2014
£199.00 Inc. VAT
(£165.83 Ex. VAT)
70cl / 58.6%
The pinnacle of Kavalan's early production - a whisky matured in Fino sherry casks, rather than the more usual darker sherry styles. Rich with more fresh fruit than you might expect from a sherried whisky.
£270.00 Inc. VAT
(£225.00 Ex. VAT)
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