Metaxa Amphora 7 Star Brandy

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Metaxa Amphora 7 Star Brandy
70cl / 40%
Metaxa is fine Greek spirit made by diluting an aged cask strength brandy with muscat wine and a recipe of botanicals including anise and rose petals. Each star represents a year's ageing.
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Customer rating (22 reviews)
Customer Reviews:(22 reviews)
My Greek Dad introduced me to Metaxa 7 Star. A man of a few rare pleasures, he insisted on its practicality - that it chases away winter colds. When I was old enough to drink it myself, I discovered that its an entirely different kind of medicine. I drink it over a bit of crushed ice - seems to bring out the delicate tones. The only bottle I keep in the house. You won't find a more exquisite sitting and thinking drink. Just finishing the remnants of my latest bottle as I write.
- Georgecopolous, 9th August
Extraodrinary! Never tasted better.
- anonymous, 12th June
Never been to Greece or any of the islands, but friends have been very generous. The 7 star has been my best so far. Cant believe how quickly that went down.
- anonymous, 19th Jul '13
Mmmmmm ....
- anonymous, 20th Nov '12
The first time I had the 7 star was 1978 on a boat at a Greek family coumpound near my home. They would bring it into the country by private plane... I didn't look to see what it was and thought it was the most delicious warm wine ever. It was my first experience with brandy. Nothing has come close since. They served it with orange slices and the two flavors were exquisite together. Other brandies are not subtle or seductive like this. I have loved it ever since.
- Cate, 28th Sep '12
I have just come back from Pefkos in Rhodes and have enjoyed every mouthfull of the seven star, the twelve is great but the seven is brilliant
- Jay wilson, 16th Aug '12
My Missus drinks 7* by the gallon and frequently travels to Greece for a 48 hr replenishment bender. 7* Metaxa now flows through her veins instead of blood and she's a better unit for it!
- Grifter, 9th Jun '12
I just cleaned a friends cellar and found 18 bottles. Haven't tried yet but reviews make my mouth water.
- anonymous, 1st Feb '12
The Drink Of Kings
- anonymous, 26th Jan '12
For some reason I always find this goes best with the Corfu Sun! Seems strange the five star is not available in the UK but they are all very good indeed, nectar of the Greek Gods!
- Rod from the UK, 6th Sep '11
The ultimate taste of Greece! Although you can't beat drinking this whilst looking out over the Agean, it is something to be truly savoured, so much smoother than any other brandy i have tried and just has a wonderful camamelly flavour and a smoothness that can warm the coldest of winter evenings! a much more rounded flavour than the 5 star and now just waiting for my bottle of 12 star to arrive and see if it is indeed better than the 7 star - which would be difficult!
- ben, 2nd Jul '11
My mother drinks metaxa 5 star when she can get it. Last year I got a 7 star metaxa it was a Christmas pressie for my mother,I tried it and that was it its not aggressive on the mouth or throat it is sweet silky fully rounded and warming unlike most french brandy's that are very fiery and aggressive to the mouth. metaxa is an utter pleasure to drink and would recommend it to any person who likes a softer brandy. An utter pleasure water of the gods.
- stuart coyne, 26th Nov '10
My dad loves this.. and someone has just told me about your site.. thanks thats another pressie sorted!!!
- anonymous, 5th Nov '10
Buying this for our boss whom resides in South Africa, but is Greek. He loves this. Even I have taken a liking to it, but it's hard to get hold of...
- Nicky, 19th Oct '10
i sell it in thiva, greece, and its very special
- anonymous, 2nd Aug '10
Amazing brandy. Never tasted any brandy or equivalent spirit of this aroma, smoothness and flavor. Bar none - Number one.
- Paul, 23rd Jul '10
- LINDA BROOKS, 18th Jan '10
buying this product for a friend
- Paul Redfern, 26th Nov '09
- anonymous, 2nd Nov '09
The first time I had metaxa was in an irish bar and the owner was drinking it at the table next to me. I tried to order a shot from my waitress. She said they didn't sell it. It was the owners private stock. The owner then let me try it and I don't drink shots of anything but tried the metaxa. I was so impressed I could hardly believe it. It is smoother than any other whiskey, scotch or brandy I've ever tried including Crown Royal.
- Linda from Indiana, 8th Apr '09
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