Ancient Age

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Ancient Age
75cl / 40%
Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
A quality chill-filtered bourbon made by Buffalo Trace.
Not Available This product is currently out of stock. when this product is available.
More Details:
CountryUSARegionKentuckyCask TypeBourbonChill FilteredYes
Customer Reviews:(7 reviews)
Not bad, but again: not better than the Heaven Hill (white), which is cheaper. If you want something cheap an inoffensive, pick the HH.
- kp, 30th Oct '10
I love this drink. It is outstanding.
- Cromm, 27th Jul '10
bequer sena, all our prices are in UK Pounds Sterling - not dollars or euros.
- TWE Admin, 12th Jul '10
thats value is in dollars or in euros
- bequer sena, 10th Jul '10
a good value Kentucky not to be confused with the 10 star which is often wrongly labelled as a 10 year, it is in fact a 6 year
- clanladdie, 16th Apr '10
Its what Dussander drinks in 'The Apt Pupil' by Stephen King.
- just so you know, 5th Oct '08
I like this whiskey a lot. It is cheap and smooth. I think this is one of the best values in whiskey.
- D, 28th Mar '08
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