McAfee's Benchmark No. 8 Straight Bourbon

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McAfee's Benchmark No. 8 Straight Bourbon
70cl / 40%
Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
McAfee's Benchmark is a rye-recipe Kentucky straight bourbon from the Buffalo Trace distillery, awarded 90 points by Wine Enthusiast and a former Gold Medal and Trophy winner at the International Spirits Challenge.
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Customer rating (22 reviews)
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Customer Reviews:(22 reviews)
I gave Benchmark a try, after reading a few reviews. I have to say that, for the price, it is THE BEST low-priced bourbon out there!! And, its national availability makes it all the better/best value in bourbon!!! I've seen it in Florida, Ohio, DC, and Myrtle Beach, SC, where I saw it as the well bourbon in a few places. Folks, if you can get it where you are, PLEASE give it a try!!!
- jws1272, 2 days ago
Came across Benchmark while looking for more Evan Williams. EW was sold out so, I purchased this.... not bad for the price.... find out in the A.M...... Randy, MI
- anonymous, 26th April
For the money...BY FAR the best I've had, and I've had about all of them. Another excellent bourbon from the Buffalo Trace Distillery!
- K. Jessen, 5th February
My go to, true it's no woodford, but the price isn't woodford either, very good price very good stuff
- anonymous, 2nd Nov '13
Good Burbon at a low cost!
- anonymous, 17th Oct '13
Smooth and full of flavor. I drink it straight or mix it with Coca-Cola. Nice to sip while watching the game or a movie. It is a nice drink after a hard day's work.
- Hardworker, 18th Sep '13
Very good. A lot of taste, and smooth. I rate it very high.
- CF, 9th Sep '13
Hey, this is no woodford reserve, but a seriously good bourbon. I would suggest for people who come from the smooth Irish whiskey stable. I am a buffalo trace and wood ford man but would definitely recommend this to anymore from a straight whiskey glass.
- Matt, 3rd May '13
Been given a bottle of this and am very pleased with it. Tasted it along side a bottle of JD and the difference in taste is like night and day, just leaves JD in the dust. Wonder why they made the bottle look like the JD livery? Who knows but it makes it look like it would be a cheap knock-off, which it certainly is not. This is a nice rye, which I like and a cheaper alternative to Jim Beam Rye but not as good. If you like this, try the JB Rye; it's well worth it.
- FM, 11th Apr '13
I put it in a knob creek bottle and serve it to all my snooty friends and they just love it. I love it too and know it's Benchmark not knob creek and like it better than knob creek.
- R. Reed, 12th Mar '13
I am very pleased with the quality if this bourbon truly exceeds the price. Excellent!!!!
- anonymous, 19th Feb '13
evan williams is still the greatest value 86% for a third the price of jack or jim...benchmark is right behind evan great bouban very smooth and you cant beat the price
- anonymous, 14th Oct '12
Fabulous!!! For the price, as good as Markers Mark, less after taste. Talk about a Steal, you are right!
- Chris Cunningham, 15th May '11
Not old enough woodford is smoother
- anonymous, 25th Apr '11
This is excellent and even better for the price. Far superior to JD and Beam, worth stocking up on.
- Mark, 6th Apr '11
For the price this stuff is an amazing steal. Its a lot tastier than most bourbon I would use as a mixer and even tastes fine neat. I wont ever buy JD or Beam again.
- Mark, 4th Apr '11
Welike it we was just wondering how long it' so been age' ed!
- Mradjones, 31st Mar '11
My first time tasting it tonight. I had to say this;Very well made. A true American drink that we should be proud of and support the small brands such as Benchmark. In this case you are paying for what is in the bottle rather then on it. It has a subtle nose whit out loosing complexity,just like the great drinks should be.Honey
- Crash, 7th Jan '11
great bourbon keep shipping to ohio
- devildawgs, 15th Dec '10
I tried this after reading the reviews and I agree, not much left as I've been trying to perfect the Old Fashioned.
- Michael, Sheffield, 7th Apr '09
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