Buffalo Trace (45%)

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Buffalo Trace (45%)
70cl / 45%
Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Buffalo Trace is a really classy bourbon from the eponymous distillery that has been responsible for some truly outstanding products in recent years. A must-stock for any bar worthy of the name.
Not Available This product is currently out of stock. when this product is available.
Customer Reviews:(30 reviews)
Hi, I do enjoy many different whiskies from the traditional old Highland and Lowland whiskies of Scotland to japanese, French, Irish and so on (never with ice, thats a sin and kills the taste for me) but Buffalo Trace is up with the best of them for me!!
- The Maserati Man, 21st Aug '12
I like alot of JD's and have recently been branching out on my whiskey, I had 2 bottles of these when I went to a festival and it was very enjoyable (probably not in the best state to comment on taste) However I did have a bottle of this at my prom, did manage to have a few drinks with ice with my dinner, absolutely wonderful thing to drink!
- CamK, 21st Jun '12
Awesome drink I like my Makers Mark but this is a differet class,will be buying again.
- IGW., 1st Jun '12
Love this Bourbon, what a treat what a taste.
- John Del, 19th Feb '12
Ah, I bought a bottle...but I should have bought 2.
- anonymous, 14th Nov '11
I may be a complete Noob in relative terms to most serious Whisky drinkers out there but I've tried a good few bourbons and I know what I like. And to those that have to have Bourbon on the rocks I'll say this...I fully reccommend this (even just for the first glass) without. It's liquid velvet and tastes like a bargain at that price - I agree with axelrod it should be twice the price it's that good. Try and you will not be dissapointed.
- JR, 6th Nov '11
Having read the rave reviews for this whiskey, and the distillery's other products, I decided to give it a try. I'm glad I did! This is excellent. Much more complex than most bourbons available in the U.K.. Tastes of vanilla, and woodsmoke, but also a pleasant hint of menthol. Nicely balanced, and very easy to drink. Excellent value too!
- Sean, 31st Oct '11
Par excellent bourbon. So smooth despite its strength - perfect over ice. Smooth and sweet, with a delicate clean aftertaste of peat/damp wood. Outstanding! Yummy! More! More! More!
- Orbvs_Tomarvm., 20th Sep '11
Can't belive this only cost just over £20. Buy a bottle, you won't be disappointed...
- Luke, 14th Jul '11
Tastes Great and very easy to drink.
- Mark, 7th Jul '11
What a cracking Bourbon
- martin, 19th Jun '11
My drink of choice at the local Wetherspoon establishment, so easy to drink...but now they stock Bulleit
- Mark, Maidstone., 3rd Apr '11
Great stuff. Tastes pure and sweet. Caramel and cinamon, with a cool, fresh after taste. Drank half a bottle on a friday night without realising it, and still felt great in the morning. Magical stuff.
- Rob Allen, 27th Mar '11
I have to admit it ,i did,nt go looking for Buffalo Trace, i stumbled upon it while in London on a pub crawl,well im glad i found it,personally i think it knocks the socks off , you no who and that is,nt a bad drop either,BT has this indescribable sweet flavour and depth ,just lovely.
- Mick, 19th Mar '11
An outstanding, big flavoured bourbon with a very appealing price.
- MSR, 7th Feb '11
Buffalo Trace is a great bourbon for its price and makes a fine addition to any american whiskey collection.
- Russ, 5th Jan '11
Spent half a Lifetime as a Beer Salesman, and always enjoyed a shot of good Whiskey in the Morning and Afternoon. Buffalo Trace is the Best I've ever had! By Far! And in the past 40 years I've tried them all.
- Jeff Santen, December 26th 2010, 28th Dec '10
Nose (undiluted): Rich corn husk, vanilla, maple. Palate (undiluted):Smooth! Layered flavors of corn, vanilla and slight hickory smoke. Damn! This is good! Finish (undiluted):Tangy, easy spiced rye and some drying black licorice. Wow! Black licorice and charred American oak. Hmm, hmmm good, like Mom?s apple pie with extra cinnamon coolin? on the window sill with a tea towel covering it on a sunny day.
- Jason's Scotch Whisky Reviews, 4th Oct '10
first time for me not a bad bourbon nice after taste will try again
- jimmyjusnap uk, 5th Aug '10
Im vexed as to why so many scotch drinkers taste this and say "meh its ok, but im not a bourbon drinker"??. If your not a bourbon fan, then dont rate it. As chance has it I love both but my tastes lean towards bourbon simply because I like sweeter whiskeys. BT is a fine rye bourbon its smoother that Wild Turkey and remarkably easy to drink. People that say this is entry level must be entering the market on a lift as there are a ton of bourbons below this i could deem 'entry level'.
- anonymous, 2nd Jul '10
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