Bulleit Bourbon

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Bulleit Bourbon
70cl / 40%
Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Packaged in an old-style bottle, Bulleit bourbon has developed a loyal following in the decade or so since its arrival on UK shores. The high rye content (around 30%) gives this a spicy kick.
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Tasting Notes:
Producer's Tasting Notes
Oaky, smoky, and smooth.

Bulleit Bourbon is russet in color with a rich, oaky aroma. The dry, clean flavor is mellow and smooth, not hot in the throat. This 90 proof Kentucky bourbon delivers a wonderfully complex taste with hints of vanilla and honey and a long smoky finish.
Rating by F. Paul Pacult (Spirit Journal)
 Superb - A highly recommended distilled spirit whose attributes, in the opinion of the author, are of exemplary quality and character within the established standards of its category. An outstanding product which is worthy of a search. (September, 2002)  
Tasting Notes from Beverage Tasting Institute (Chicago)
Pale copper color. Sweet walnut fudge nose. A supple entry leads to a medium-bodied palate displaying dry caramel, brown spice notes, and a dash of warming alcohol on the long, smooth finish. A refreshing, easy-drinking bourbon style. 90 points (Exceptional) January, 2002
Customer Reviews:(24 reviews)
Nose: Corn, spice, almost cinnamony. Palate: Melange of flavors, deeper than the nose. Subtle alcohol, vanilla, honey, corn, a touch of rye. Finish: Medium length, excellent and clean. Though I sometimes enjoy a mouth-coating bourbon like Maker's Mark, this finish is much more elegant. Excellent bourbon!
- anonymous, 29th Jun '13
Intense, sweet and spicy. Hardly any alcohol bite. Fairly complex for a bourbon of this class. I'd say it's like a more concentrated version of Four Roses, which isn't a coincidence as it's produced by them. This one really works fine over an ice cube or two - neat it's just a little too sweet for me. In this price range, perhaps the best American whiskey I've had so far.
- anonymous, 6th Nov '12
A great whiskey for the beginner due to its drinking ease and smooth flavour. Years ago this was one of my first bourbon purchases to be consumed sans mixer and I never looked back.
- Marc, 12th Oct '12
When Bulleit is combined with a decent cola it has this really soapy taste which although doesn't sound like something you'd want to drink is absolutely delicious. I've tried an awful lot of different bourbons straight up and mixed and this is still hands down my favorite combnation, only Bulleit seems to have this unique flavour though, next best is probably buffalo trace. 1 & a half shots to a standard whiskey tumbler of coke.
- Winkle Pins, 4th Jul '12
not a bad drink a little to sweet for me.
- IGW., 1st Jun '12
Nice new edition to collection. Nice over ice - no need for coke :).Looking fwd to Jim Beam's Devil's cut.
- Gibbo. Co Durham., 4th May '12
Smooth, rich, satisfying, complex, ruggedly elegant, elegantly rugged,I could go on and on...It's just a great marriage of contrasts meshing into a seamless yet brutally funky whole. Think Mickey Rourke in "Barfly".
- anonymous, 9th Sep '11
A lovely, easy drinkable bourbon with a great rye edge.
- anonymous, 29th Apr '11
The first bourbon I ever tasted, and a fine introduction it was too. Very drinkable, smooth, with a creamy and nutty flavour.
- Grant Melville, Falkirk, 1st Apr '11
This is bourbon with a good mix of aromas and flavours. It is easy to like, equally easy to drink and easy on the pocket as well. Bulleit may not be quite as complex as some higher-priced bourbons, but can stand amongst them as a good, solid drink with its own character.
- Derek Wheeler, 19th Jul '10
really nice, especially at the special offer price, probably has the edge over makers mark and my previous favourite woodford reserve
- mooch, 15th Jun '10
Tried this for the first time at the weekend at Littlecote House in Oxford. My husband and I are smitten, can't think of anything we'd rather be drinking from now on: Fantastic.Tracey
- Tracey And Lez Surrey, 16th Mar '10
My favorite bourbon at a working man's price. Very smooth and does magic on the nose. Smell of charred oak and warm vanilla. This is one drink I always want to have to warm up on.
- Jakob, 24th Feb '10
Very nice for the price. Probably my favourite easy drinking Bourbon at the moment.Also great for cooking. Used it to make the sauce for the steaks, tasted great!
- Martin B., 15th Feb '10
great bourbon. just drink neat,got a nice hint of spice. the price was good too. go on try it
- stewie ramone, 17th Jan '10
a great bourbon, very rich and well rounded.
- Jaddie Jones, 23rd Dec '09
Very difficult to dislike - over ice a smooth flavourful drink
- Moles Friend, 17th Dec '09
Amazing bourbon, the spicy kick makes it almost tastes like a tequila. It's a great smooth drink, no wonder the Diffords Guide recommends it for cocktails needing bourbon, even though it's amazing drunk neat. For this price you won't find better.
- Cubitus, 18th Nov '09
Love this stuff much better alternative to jack or jim
- anonymous, 18th Sep '09
Excellent Bourbon, smooth and full of taste. Does not have the bite that other more well-known Bourbons have. It used to be available in 2 of our larger Supermarkrt chains but sadly it has disappeared from the shelves, in more ways than one!
- MJ, 18th Apr '09
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