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Canadian Club
70cl / 40%
Canadian Whisky
A giant of Canadian whisky, created in 1858 and spending six long years in oak before bottling for the smoothest possible flavour.
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Customer rating (36 reviews)
Customer Reviews:(36 reviews)
First sampled this whisky in the 70's in New Zealand. My favourite tipple was called a Rye & Dry. Now it is Canadian and cola. However you have it, amazing. But almost impossible to find in the North East. Thank goodness for your company.
- Barbie., 23rd June
I have a 61 year old vintage bottle of 1953 Canadian Club Whisky (Hiram Walker & Son)unopened complete with all the labels and seal 1 quart or 1 liter? Was stored in a cool cellar since new. Very Nice Condition. Anyone interested in making an offer? [email protected]
- Rick , 20th June
first tried in the 80's,smooth. Had good promotion then, needs promoting again now JD is the run away.
- R T Beds 14.2.14, 14th February
CC & 7up over ice, what more could you want?
- Colin, 9th Dec '13
If I was only allowed one whiskey for the rest of my life (as in if I was only allowed to buy one, not some magic supply) it would probably be this. Good on the rocks or straight up and equally good with soda water or a dry ginger. I love this stuff.
- anonymous, 20th Oct '13
Canadian Club is one of my favorite shots; it goes well with Molson or Labatts, of course.
- Mothman454, 27th Jan '13
I grew up near the CC distillery where my Dad worked in Walkerville. The smell of cooking mash for the CC is one of my earliest sensory memories. In fact, I did a stint working there while a student, dishing out free drinks to distillery tourists. The training was very specific: one was not allowed to corrupt the CC with anything other than ice, water, Canada Dry ginger ale and, after a frown, Coca Cola. The ginger and cola were not an option if the order was for CC Classic.
- Dave, 16th Dec '12
Got so many good memories of this from the 90s when it seemed to be ubiquitous. Real smooth and a great mixing whisky.
- DS23, 11th Oct '12
Well I got another 30 year old bottle from the Whisky Exchange along with a Sherry Cask bottle. Now that I have one of each I will be opening both this X-Mass. Now all I need is 2 bottles of 20 year old. Wish me luck on my quest in my hunt.
- PT . Staines. Middx, 24th Dec '11
My grandfather referred to the taste of CC as, "an angel piddling on your tongue" - all I know is it's the finest drop of Canadian Whisky there is!
- Bez, 22nd Dec '11
I've been given a bottle as an early Xmas pressie, I usually prefer Irish whiskey but I'm really enjoying a small tot with ginger ale - perfect for a winters afternoon.
- Leigh barham, Essex England , 18th Dec '11
I have been drinking canadian club for years. Started when I was livin in Canada 27 years ago and been drinking ever since. Great with Canada Dry. It has be increasingly difficult to buy it through normal stores. Thank heaven for The Whiskey Exchange.
- limey, 2nd Oct '11
Hubby and I love it as a long drink with ice and canada dry ginger ale and a slice of orange ummmmm...........J
- anonymous, 12th May '11
The 30 year old anniversary bottle in a presentation box was only really available in duty free shops and they produced about 3000 bottles, but I understand the normal 30 Year old is available. Unfortunately CC appears to be disappearing from the shop shelves in the UK, and you have to really hunt around for anything other than the normal 1858 standard bottle.
- PT Staines Middx, 26th Apr '11
On the rocks for me. Wonderful everyday drink.
- anonymous, 28th Mar '11
smell: pistachio nuts and some mild treacle notes after a deep sniff.taste: a little bit smokey, overwhelming maple syrup takes over most of the tasteverdict: very distinctive whisky for most good reasons. very sweet so stay clear if you dread sweet whiskys like 'Four Roses' and so on. 78 points
- corey, 17th Mar '11
Hi PT, I'm afraid we've never come across that one - don't think it's ever been widely available in UK. Apologies.
- TWE Admin, 24th Jan '11
This is a question not a review. I have 1 bottle of the 30 year old which was produced for CC's 150 year anniversary, Does anyone know where I can obtain another bottle so I can open and taste with my 3 son's. I collect old and odd bottles of CC I just don't want to open the one I have.
- PT Staines, Middx, 24th Jan '11
Great whisky for mixing cocktails! Excellent with ginger ale and ice!
- anonymous, 18th Jan '11
Hmm, Im new to it, I can't work it out. Its not like bourbon or scotch. The nose is mild, the taste also sweet and mild. In the taste I get rye, sacharin, wax and a hint of rum. Id say its probably perfect for mixing. I had it with apple soda and it was fantastic. I'll try it with 7-up and ginger as suggested.
- Richard Murfin, 5th Jan '11
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