Canadian Club Classic 12 Year Old

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Canadian Club Classic 12 Year Old
70cl / 40%
Canadian Whisky
Aged for 12 years - the extra 6 years maturing in wood produces a darker spirit with more of the traditional characteristics of aged whiskies and a richer, more aromatic flavour.
Canadian Whisky Awards 2012: Bronze Medal
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Customer rating (22 reviews)
Customer Reviews:(22 reviews)
Lovely stuff. Like the CC 6 year old but richer and more intense; a nicer, thicker mouth feel. There's more of a wood flavour as you'd expect from the extra time spent in barrels. It seems a little sweeter than the 6 year old - I generally like things dry but I don't consider the slight extra sweetness to be a bad thing. I'd need to drink a few more before I decide whether it's really worth the extra money compared to standard CC - it's too good for mixing (probably - I will be having one with long with ice and soda at some point just to see). For drinking straight up I might be tempted to spend a bit extra on something else. I'm certainly not disappointed and I think it's fair to say that anyone who likes Canadian whisky could do worse than to give it a try.
- Budgie, 7th August
My dad's been drinking CC for over 60 years, BUT I bought him the 12 year old for Fathers Day and he loved it!!!
- Ken Cozmanoff, 15th June
I'll be honest I only bought it because they had no Jack Daniels left but this Whisky is not bad at all. Think I'm going to buy it again in the future.
- Vogel, 22nd April
I tried this today, excellent feel going down and exceptionally smooth.
- anonymous, 28th Dec '13
I just tried this for the first. I can't believe how smooth, it is. I just had to post a review. Much better than crown (this from a 10 year crown lover). Very nice feel on the lips a warm going down. Very nice!
- ray f., 11th Jan '13
I have been drinking Crown Royal for years but when the price went up at my favorite liquor store I tried Classic 12. Since then I've maybe purchased 2 bottles (750 ml) of Crown. Classic 12 has less of a "bite" and I like the taste more. I don't know why this liquor isn't promoted more.
- J.Glover, 22nd Jul '12
Switched to CC from drinking Crown Royal. Like the CC, and price .
- peeping, 15th Apr '12
I like crown royal fine but classic 12 is richer, smoother, warmer, yumm.
- stevphon, 23rd Jan '12
nicer than jack daniels by far!!!
- scouse, 17th Oct '11
just tasted my first nip of this outstanding drop! very smooth and mild finish. Iusually tipple ths peaty scotch single malt, but this is a delightful alernative.
- freddo from down under, 25th Sep '11
i normally drink glenfiddich 12yo but this whiskey is a nice alternative, when i walk into the bottle shop its hard to pick between the two. i like this whiskey on the rocks or neat very smooth
- anonymous, 26th Jun '11
a great and versatile rye. It should be noted that some of the reviewers here are comparing this against scotch, which is a totally different spirit. If you're looking to improve the rye you drink, or are just finally sick of the corn mash that is bourbon... this is for you.
- Michael M., 28th Jan '11
Why are you mixing this? Its a 12 year old whisky.
- anonymous, 25th Jan '11
I am a big fan of the Royal Crown version of c.c but i have to say the 12 yo is just as good if not better than it's big brother.It is sweet and smooth with no burn what so ever , I really enjoyed the slight rye aftertaste and that is coming from a single malt lover,so do yourself a favor and try it as i am sure you will be as impressed as i was.
- Aussie Shaun, 9th Aug '10
Very nice straight over ice.As a rule I drink Jameson's,but my last 2 bottles were Classic 12.From a person of Scottish desent and with a last name of Jamieson,I think I'm hooked.
- Jamie, 8th Feb '10
It is my preferred whiskey. Has been for years. In the 18 year old category, it's hard to beat.
- Bruce, 18th Jan '10
Far better than regular CC for only a little more money. A bit heavier than Crown Royal.
- anonymous, 3rd Jan '10
graet whisky very good tate and aromatic
- fab the ice men, 11th Oct '09
I'm a little disappointed to be honest, I expected this to be smoother. I'm not a big fan of scotch, I'd rather drink bourbon, and this whisky is too close to a scottish single malt for me. My friends enjoyed it though.
- Cubitus, 6th Oct '09
- anonymous, 6th Jan '09
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