Canadian Club Sherry Cask

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Canadian Club Sherry Cask
75cl / 41.3%
Canadian Whisky
A special edition CC, made in very small quantities from the finest whiskies aged at least eight years in white oak barrels, then double matured in sherry casks imported from Jerez in Spain.
Not Available This product is currently out of stock. when this product is available.
Customer Reviews:(11 reviews)
It's pretty good for the price, has some complex flavors that surprised me. Harsh alcohol on the nose so I wasn't able to pick up as many notes as I wanted to. This is not due to proof but other factors, as I can get notes all day from Booker's or Kentucky Spirit. I had the same problem with the 12 year old classic. Fine budget taste but nothing I'd want to rave about.
- Hoochhuffer, 15th Oct '13
Tried the standard CC a few weeks ago and quite liked it so I thought i'd treat myself to this and i'm glad I did. I usually drink single malt scotch but this is nice to have every once in a while as its something different, in a good way!
- Paul, 24th Apr '12
Sublime sherry finish, yet so easy to drink you'll need more than one bottle!
- Kadie , 2nd Apr '12
Sweet Jesus I'm so glad this is back. Agree with Mike that its weakness lies in its drinkability, but even perfection has flaws. Breathtaking example of a clear, high-clarity sherry butt in action.
- Steve@ RumandReviews, 13th Oct '11
This is the best tasting C.C. out there but you cannot find it anywhere.
- Jason, 15th Dec '10
I am mightily impressed by this whisky. The sherry casks impart a very rich flavour but the grains hold their own. It is in fact one of the best Canadian whiskies I've had, and I've had a good few. But it is a little too easy-drinking, perhaps. It doesn't challenge the palate at all and goes down like nothing at all.
- Mike, 15th Nov '10
I have a bottle, I have not opened it yet I will when I buy another.
- PT Staines, Middx, 10th Nov '10
better than crown for the price
- anonymous, 12th Oct '10
I've been drinking different whiskies for the past 5 years. Other than the Blanton's and JW Black, this is the best. Nuff said.
- anonymous, 5th Sep '10
Makes best Manhattan ever; mixed with Cinzano Bianco (2:1 whiskey to vermouth) plus dash of bitters.
- Justin, 11th Sep '09
This is up there with the best its a fine sherry finish
- Willie, 17th Aug '09
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