Elijah Craig 18 Year Old

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Elijah Craig 18 Year Old
75cl / 45%
Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Named after Elijah Craig, the 18th-century renegade reverend & whiskey distiller credited with inventing the charring technique for whisky barrels. Brilliant sipping whiskey.
Whisky Bible Awards 2012: Best Single Barrel Bourbon of the Year, 18 years and over
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Customer Reviews:(9 reviews)
a taste of heaven, thank you reverand
- anonymous, 27th Sep '12
By far the best bourbon i have ever had. I thought the 12 year old Elijah was great. I tried the 18 year old Elijah for the first time late December last year & have never looked back. It's so smooth & so yummy. I'm on my 5th bottle since Xmas. It's great straight, on the rocks or with coke. No matter how i drink it i love it. I highly recommend this bourbon. IF you are willing to spend a little extra you wont be disappointed. :D
- Jason, 13th Mar '12
I reall enjoy the 18 year old,this is great to look foward to after a hard day at work. You can also enjoy this with the boys,shooting the breeze! Now to the taste,excellent to the palate. A bit of smokiness,this is a mature man,s whiskey!
- Kenneth B.Marshall, 1st Feb '12
Far better than 12 year old. From 18 year old I can easily taste 4 different flavors. From 12 year old I can taste only 2. Twice the price twice the taste.
- LR, 7th Sep '11
I tried the 12yo Elijah and many friends didn't like the strong oak flavour. I needed a smoke to enjoy it, so was concerned the extra aging may make the oak bouquet and flavour stronger.I was pleasantly surprised, it has a lovely nose, with a mellow aroma and tastes so smooth and subtle, I think I might make this my favourite bourbon.I only tried the 12yo as it has my name on the bottle, now as far as I'm concerned all the 18yo Elijah Craig's, have my name on them ;-)
- Craig Chant, 30th Dec '10
Most impressive. I bought a bottle for my father for Christmas and we were both very pleased with it. Clears the nose and has a very oaky taste to it. Highly recommended.
- anonymous, 27th Dec '10
o dear. i thought bourbon was past its prime at about 10 yo. how wrong was i. this is thick, syrupy demanding, almost medicinal. to die for. go get!
- fireside bourbon nut, 8th Feb '10
The best i've ever tasted and a bargain at the listed price
- anonymous, 18th Sep '09
This is the smoothest bourbon I have tried. Excellent with a cigar after dinner. Great sippin' whiskey
- Greg, 12th Jun '08
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