Evan Williams Green Label

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Evan Williams Green Label
75cl / 40%
Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Evan Williams's standard green labelled bourbon, a great all-round whiskey at a very nice price.
Not Available This product is currently out of stock. when this product is available.
Customer Reviews:(5 reviews)
I agree with the Black being the best. I sent my wife to the store to get a 175 Ltr, but she came home with the green label. I didn't want to make her mad, so I said I would try the Green Label. First drink/mouth burn for a couple seconds, then not bad but not Black. Glad I got to compare.
- JMP, 13th June
Because it's a younger bourbon.
- anonymous, 6th Apr '11
First time getting the green. Not bad at all but well worth the extra few bucks for black. Sweeter more carmel like flavor.
- KS Steve, 5th May '10
Green is aged only 4 years and is only 80 proof. I do not think that it is a smooth as the black which is aged 5 to 7 years and is 86 proof. There is a big difference in the taste, if you like the black label then I would say go ahead and try the green, if you don't like it you do not have alot invested in it.
- Cigars , 20th May '09
Why is Green Label cheaper?
- anonymous, 24th Mar '09
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