Jim Beam Red Stag / Black Cherry

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Jim Beam Red Stag / Black Cherry
70cl / 40%
Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
A love-it-or-hate-it whiskey from Jim Beam, who have flavoured their bourbon with natural cherry flavour to make Red Stag.

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Customer rating (51 reviews)
Tasting Notes:
Tasting Notes by Lew Bryson for Whisky Advocate
Smells like sweet, dead-ripe cherries, mashed up in bourbon with some brown sugar and just a dust of cinnamon. It's sweet, a bit thick, but 80 proof warming, and the bourbon - the Beam cinnamon note comes out clearer now - is dominant over the cherries here. The finish sees more cinnamon, even a hint of barrel oak, and manages to dry out a bit. 83 Points
Customer Reviews:(51 reviews)
If you're after a whisky then this isn't for you, but if you love flavoured drinks then you can't do any better at this price – does exactly what it says on the tin!
- Jonathan, 2nd September
This stuff is truly shocking. Like drinking sweet cherry coke with booze in it, for kids probably.
- Don Draper, 1st September
this stuff is delicious! was not expecting this. i am an avid fireball drinker and this is much, much better. whiskey is not my thing (ie. jack daniels, etc) and this just may be my new favorite drink out there. drink on the rocks is delicious! not too strong and u get great black cherry favor with a slight, slight burn.
- Bear, 15th July
Not a bad overall whiskey, worth the money, will purchase again along with Jim Beam devils cut
- lovington , 22nd June
Like Marmite this one, you love it or hate it ... I LOVE IT
- Russ , 12th May
I am one of the biggest bourbon drinkers out there, with that said this is absolutely terrible in my opinion. When it first its the tongue it has a slight bourbon taste and burn to it, but after its swallowed tastes like nothing but cherry cough syrup with a Bourbon burn. I would not recommend it to anyone. I try it in coke to still had the nasty cough syrup after taste. In my opinion not worth it.
- bourbon loving fool..., 3rd April
We love it mixed with black cherry fresca on the rocks
- pat, 5th January
good stuff mixed
- anonymous, 2nd January
This was way way sweeter than I had expected. I was expecting a bourbon with perhaps an aroma of the cherry, but this is a different drink altogether. I am a big bourbon fan, but I did not like this drink.
- anonymous, 28th Oct '13
Don't think for one second you are buying a bourbon when you buy this drink. You are buying a seriously sweet cherry liqueur. I found it way way too syrupy to enjoy neat. Do not despair if you have bought one though I think it will make insanely good cocktails. Pure whisky drinkers especially bourbon lovers avoid this and buy the Rye!!
- Shak, 28th Dec '12
Top stuff believe me this is better than the original JB and has relegated JD to 4 th in the list behind surprisingly Aldi's own bourbon which is superb closely followed by Makers Mark
- Bobby Bourbon, 8th Dec '12
Just opened...hard to say but the Hedonism from Compass Box has been moved to the second place in my chart. Agree, too different drinks but I prefer the sweetest JB RS duaring long&cold winter in Russia. No need to mix, on the rock only!
- Roman, 30th Nov '12
My first taste was at a trade show. I, too, could drink it all day. It's sweet. I drink it neat.
- Gal Pal, 14th Nov '12
The cherry flavour can bit a bit overpowering and artificial, but it makes an old fashioned like no other
- James, 10th Sep '12
Bought some in New Zealand. Love it. On the rocks. Want more.
- T-man, 28th Aug '12
a favourite . try it !
- jaslamont , 23rd Aug '12
I saw this advertised in a paper and bought a bottle from the local supermarket, as a rum drinker it was a big leap of faith, but I havnt looked back. I am now on my 4th bottle, and find its nice on the rocks, or mixed with diet coke, normal cokes too much like syrup for me. It has gone down a treat with friends and family, and I recommend it to anyone to try. No miniatures available in this country to try before buying a big bottle though.
- anonymous, 5th Aug '12
Insanely sweet. Too much so for my liking really. It's a good black cherry flavor on the finish, but I think it might be better to pair this with an even sweeter dessert to sort of mute the syrup-y sweetness of this bourbon.
- Jimbo, SoCal, 25th Jul '12
Not sure that anyone has actually explained how sweet this stuff is. Think Drambuie or Glayva (seriously!) without the spice. Great aroma, undeniably gorgeous fruit but it would be great to see a more savoury take on this. That said, i bet this would make a great long drink.
- Aiden, 17th Feb '12
Stick in the freezer for a day or 2 don't worry it won't go solid, then poor over ice and sip!
- Stumpy, 12th Feb '12
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