Jameson Signature Reserve

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Jameson Signature Reserve
100cl / 40%
Blended Irish Whiskey
Formerly only available in travel retail, this 1L Jameson's Signature Reserve is comprised of a high proportion of pure potstill whisky, much of which has been matured in Oloroso sherry casks. Sounds good.
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Customer Reviews:(10 reviews)
surely whisky should be drank how you like it,not how others prefer?
- anonymous, 17th Dec '12
By far the best next to the Gold! Straight. I can't imagine why anyone would put a good whiskey or bourbon over ice...unless it's hot and your outside. Even then...would be questionable.
- Martha, 24th Nov '12
This is totally the "nutella" of whiskeys, a total vanilla-nut bomb.
- anonymous, 2nd Jun '12
Great whiskey. I've tried many and enjoyed most but this is a smooth delicious tribute to the Irish whiskeys. I would recommend it to all
- anonymous, 3rd Mar '12
I think some whiskey needs ice to get A bit of the flavour(maybe whisky) This one is so mellow when you put the ice in it it looses flavour. Drink thIs one straight or one ice cube if you must.
- Conor Grogan , 24th Dec '11
Ice? In whiskey? Crazy talk - don't be ruining the stuff!
- DC, 16th Jul '11
I`ve been working my way through the Jameson range for many years, well from birth actually when my parents put a nip in my last feed at night to help with teething bless them ! This is by far the best I have tasted, the smoothness and mellowness and depth of flavour are beyond compare. If I was faced with the awful prospect of only ever drinking one whiskey again for the rest of my days then this would be my choice.
- mfh, 4th Nov '10
- anonymous, 4th Sep '10
- queque, 26th Jul '10
Nectar of the gods - wonderful all round taste - perfect with 2 ice cubes! Shame its only available in dutyfree but arranging some to be bought to me by a friend - worth the trouble any day!
- RM, 6th Oct '09
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