Jack Daniel's / 1915 Gold Medal

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Jack Daniel's / 1915 Gold Medal
100cl / 43%
Tennessee Whiskey
One of a series of special commemorative edition bottlings Jack Daniel's have produced for their legions of fans, this 1915 Gold Medal has been extremely popular.
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More Details:
CountryUSARegionTennesseeBottling StatusDiscontinued
Customer Reviews:(15 reviews)
I discovered a bottle of this when moving some of my father's things, and found it in his liquor cabinet. He must have been given it as a gift as he never drinks whiskey. Is this bottle worth holding onto, or just cracking it open and drinking? It must be said i'm relatively new to the joys of whiskey drinking - im not sure whether I'd appreciate the nuances of the flavours just yet. Once a bottle is opened, how long can it really be kept for once cracked?!
- Jacob (Aus), 27th Jan '13
Hey all JD's fans if you have any of the gold medal bottles and not going to drink it. Pass it on. I've had 1905, 1914 and 1954 all of which I and my mate which enjoys as much as me have drunk besides the new 2 bottles of 1954 I got today and I am going to buy another. All of these bottles deserve to be drunk on special occ. on the rocks or straight up. Mmmmm bottoms up fella's money is money and whiskey is to be enjoyed.
- Rick B (Australia), 6th Dec '12
I have a 1915 and is by far the best whisky that I have ever had. Drink it conservatively but aint no way on earth that I am going through life whothout drinking it.once of a lifetime experience that just can't go undone. Life is too short to not try it.
- anonymous, 30th Aug '11
Got my bottle, lovely~! :)
- betty, 9th Jun '11
As per the last reviewer I rarely touch old Jack but this one was quite the quaffable expression - Shared it at a leaving do recently and selfishly had to keep plenty o' peoples' mitts off of it.
- Mikey, 4th Jan '11
absolutely lovely! and this is coming from a guy that never touches JD otherwise.
- charn, 10th Oct '10
To answer the last post on here. I believe it is different from the normal No.7 brand. I drank a bottle of the 1914 and that was really different but realised after I drank it that perhaps I shouldn't have as the bottles are quite rare to get hold of. If you do want to try it I would suggest buying 2 bottles.
- Matt, 7th Oct '10
is this whiskey different from normal Jack daniels, or is it the same but in a commemorative bottle?
- anonymous, 16th Sep '10
Best guess is about 2002, Joe.
- TWE Admin, 20th Jul '10
Can anyone tell me when this was botteld thanks! 1915? cant be!
- joe, 15th Jul '10
Life is WAY to short.....take a sip of your Jack people
- Dareyl, 19th May '10
i have six off these bottles never tasted it .but the reviews tell us this is a lovely whisky .hopefully i will open a bottle or two on a special ocassion .jacks forever
- dion de melo, 3rd May '10
I do have one 1915 home and i am from polan imagine how hard it was to buy it. now i can't wait to open it and find out the teast... but there have to be some special ocasion. the thing is that i'm 18 years old and i can still appreciate the importance of 1915 jack. jack rules...
- Drd, 25th Apr '10
I have bottle of this sitting at home never to be drank. But I did open my bottle of the 1914 ( I brought it, and drank before I realised what I was doing ) but that was lovely. Really smooth and fresh, with a subtle after tones of oak. But saying that I can't find the 1914 again and would never drink it.. I just hope the 1915 tastes the same but then I'll never find out unless I buy another.
- M Blick, 1st Apr '10
good stuff
- Kurt Dearnbarger, 25th Oct '09
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