Seven Fathoms Rum

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Seven Fathoms Rum
75cl / 40%
Seven Fathoms is a golden rum from the Cayman Islands. The casks are kept under water for part of the maturation process.
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Customer rating (28 reviews)
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CountryCayman IslandsTypeMolassesStylePlain
Customer Reviews:(28 reviews)
Just tried this rum at the distillery in Grand Cayman... really amazing rum and will be keeping my shelf stocked with this one. Not easy to get a hold of a bottle, but well worth it.
- NoelP, 2nd August
Really, this is not a good rum as rum is defined. There are none of the esters and flavor components experienced drinkers find in a fine spirit. It is really quite empty and bland save for a bit of rustic oak. You may like this, but that is because you like flavored vodka. Much too expensive for the quality.
- Benton, 17th January
A fantastic rum! I came back from the Cayman islands and had the pleasure of touring their brand new distillery. I've never seen anything like this. The rum is aged in used Makers Mark barrels for 1-3 years chained in the ocean in a secret location at a depth of 7 fathoms! I'm an amateur Scotch drinker, so I will not be able to give a worthwhile description of the flavor. But I will say that this has a truly unique taste by combining the aged rum with the compliment of the signature bourbon
- anonymous, 6th Sep '13
A Cayman Island market suggested Seven Fathoms Blood Orange Rum,not in stock but did direct us to the distillery nearby.Arriving we noticed a bar around the side and stairs leading to the distillery.They said the bar downstairs sold the products they make but to sample the varieties.We did and loved their newest creation of Blood Orange .Thankfully one of the owners sold us a bottle.We complimented them on the best rum we have had and is it available in the US-not yet
- LaFam,USA2012, 17th Sep '12
Just got a batch 0 33 on 1-19-12 on 7 mile, love it! Wish to find it here :( No gimmicks, just great rum!
- Eekster from Iowa!, 31st Jan '12
I just came back from Cayman Island and had the pleasure of tasting this amazing rum! By far this is the best rum I have ever tasted!
- anonymous, 20th Sep '11
We've been trying to get it back in for the last year with no success. We're still trying...
- TWE Admin, 8th Sep '11
Yeah, it would be nice if it was ever actually in stock!I check all the time and can't ever buy it. WTF?
- anonymous, 7th Sep '11
Hands down, without question, the best rum I've ever tasted. This rum could easily command a price of $250 or more per bottle. It is in that league....but just because it could doesn't mean it should! :)
- anonymous, 12th Jul '11
Would be nice if we could actually purchase in US. Luckily, have a friend going to Caymans in Sept 2011. Can you purchase anywhere on island or do you have to go to the distillery?
- Sheryl K, 11th May '11
I also live in the cayman islands and it is a well known fact that its not! haha
- Joe, 22nd Apr '11
I purchased a bottle of this while I was in the Caymans last month. It is truly a very good rum that I would recommend to anyone. Don't listen to the "how it's made" critics. Try it and see for yourself! You won't regret it.
- Bryan, 13th Apr '11
No matter what you think about the aging process, or the amount of time the product is aged, this rum is produced in small batches with a big focus on quality. It's like anything made by a craftsperson who cares about the end result.I'm not certain but it sounds like some of the complainers haven't even tasted the product!
- matt, 8th Apr '11
Really terrific rum. I don't care if it is a gimmick, it sure tastes good. Just awesome. My wife even liked it.Very nice to get to talk to the guys making it....what awesome hosts, made our trip to George Town worth it.Brought back the will you guys please stock it so I can order some more?
- Andy (ChatTown), 19th Mar '11
one of the best rums i've ever tasted no gimmick here.
- captainron, 12th Feb '11
The aging process may be (by definition) a gimmick, but it leads to a top notch product. Hands down this is the best rum I have ever tasted. As far as tasting notes go, I get a soft smokey oak, with a smooth vanilla finish. Reviews below are dead on when they say all you need to do is pour it over ice and enjoy! I have had a piece of a bottle for well over a year now, savoring it on the odd occasion.
- Andy Lindsay, 11th Feb '11
I recently took a vacation to the Cayman Islands. I have tried many rum's from around the world and have to say this is one of the best. I have Batch 15 and for the price I would choose this one over bacardi or any premium rum.
- Fox, 27th Jan '11
may be a gimmick but last winter when i was down there for a couple weeks i had the pleasure of trying some at the resort i was stayin at. this rum goes down very smooth. leaves a feeling on your tongue sort of like extremely dark chocolate. must have in my book.
- Nate M (Connecticut), 13th Jan '11
after tasting and embibing rums for many years, was amazed at this "gimmick Rum" we are part of a Scottish Soc. in Ca. and taste many expensive whiskys as well, this is great stuff ! The Age is only important for conversation....this rum is EASILY sipped or drank straight ! If you want to drink cheap bulk for a buzz, do it ! This is a sfine a Rum as I've had ?
- fishinclipper, 31st Jul '10
Age is only one thing to consider and the ultimate test is taste.I was in Cayman this month and was fortunate enough to try this rum. As a long time rum drinker I can truly say it is outstanding. I had it on the rocks with a squeeze of lime. It is very light and smooth. Considering the taste and quality I would say the price is warranted despite the age.
- Jeff from NY, 8th Jun '10
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