Sunset Very Strong Rum

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Sunset Very Strong Rum
75cl / 84.5%
A quite ludicrously potent rum from St. Vincent, Sunset Very Strong should never be taken neat, but heavily diluted with a mixer or as a float for cocktails.
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More Details:
CountrySt. VincentTypeMolassesStyleOverproof
Customer Reviews:(5 reviews)
if you swallow a shot and without taking in any air swallow a small mouthful of water straight after you can drink this stuff all day without puking or coughing, thats how they drink it in Vincy..
- bob, 20th Jul '12
Absolutely the best rum ever but definitely not for lightweights.
- anonymous, 12th Apr '12
I'm a rum drinker and this is definitely not for lightweights. A double of this with a splash of mixer and you won't want another drink for hours.
- RD, 7th Nov '11
Used in cocktails it is great, but rather potent. Go sparingly and it'll be enjoyable.
- D. Jones, 7th Jan '11
A mate just came back from St Vicent and brought a bottle of this with him.He gave me a shot, neat, and I've only just recovered my breath and I think the hole in my stomach *might* have closed by now.HOLY COW is this stuff potent - but really good! Worth every penny!
- anonymous, 26th Mar '10
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