Old Grand-Dad / 100 Proof / Bonded

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Old Grand-Dad / 100 Proof / Bonded
75cl / 50%
Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
A meatier version than the standard bottling, at a potent 50% alcohol. Spicy and dry, with an impressively powerful punch on the palate - this will keep you warm on a cold evening
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Customer Reviews:(6 reviews)
Do you or have you ever had a oLD GRAND DAD CLUB? It was a certificate to be given to new Grand Dads, If this is still a program I would like to get a couple of certi.
- Donald Sharp, 8th Jun '11
Don't be fooled by the cheap looking bottle and platsic cap. This is a profoundly good bourbon with one hell of a kick. This might even be better than Wild Turkey 101. Should only be served neat.
- MSR, 22nd Dec '10
Can anyone tell me the date indicated by a 68-cent South Carolina Liquor Tax Stamp. It resides on an old whiskey bottle I had stored that has slowly evaporated in the last 4-5 years. The cork ended up inside. The label says: OLD GRAND-DAD 100 PROOF KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEYIf you can shed some light on the year of the tax stamp, please email me at: [email protected]
- Celestial Librarian :-), 23rd Sep '09
Truer words were never spoken - also excellent with a splash of coke. Teo fingers neat heals all ills...KENTUCKY BOURBON RULES!!!
- anonymous, 28th Jun '09
If you like Old Grand Dad 86 proof, but want a lighter, then here's your bottle! I've tried over 18 bourbons, and this is still smoother and most satisfing than its 86 proof sibling. This makes any mixed drink (where bourbon isn't the main ingredient) fantastic. Pour 3 to 4 ounces in a glass over a single ice cube. Then spritz 1/2 oz. of club soda over it in an old fashion glass. The best in the Western Hemisphere! :-)
- Homicide MD, 21st Sep '08
Will knock you out cold neat....YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED...
- anonymous, 28th Aug '08
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